Att: SnoMadness Team LunaChicks, team Indigen-Ice has your flag!

SnoMadness Lunachicks Flag

Good afternoon!

We are from the Indigen-ice Student Council (Sault College team) participating in this year’s SnoMadness and we have recently obtained the “Lunachicks” team flag!

We are demanding that the team meet at the station mall food court on Monday Feb. 5th at 6:30 p.m. and do a team lip sync (song of their choice) in anticipation of our lip sync battle on Friday night 7:00 p.m at The Machine Shop (tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased from any of the SnoMadness teams). 

Also in order to get the flag back the Lunachicks should also thank our sponsors “Bay Dental Group” as well as thanks to the wonderful people at The Station Mall and!