Update: Ben Pino wants to build shopping centre on Great Northern Road


Update: Council approved the rezoning for Pino’s proposed shopping centre.

Ben Pino Investments Inc. is looking to get approval from council on Tuesday to make land he currently owns beside the Petro-Canada gas station near Great Northern Road and Second Line into 100 per cent commercial property for a shopping centre.

It will be a 106,705 square foot complex with a grocery store, pharmacy and other amenities.

The parking lot will have 438 spaces.

It has offered to meet with the Accessibility Committee to make sure the build will be accessible to all.

It has mainly come to council for a rezoning issue so one portion can be rezoned from industrial to commercial on the land and another portion can be rezoned from Highway Zone and Medium Industrial to Shopping Centre Commercial Zone.

The city has retained CIMA Consulting to look at the traffic implications in the whole Great Northern Road/Second Line area.


  1. So, the fact that traffic at that intersection is already unbearable and the city has already said it needs to be widened; the fact that there are already two malls in the McNabb – 3rd Line corridor that can’t operate at capacity; the fact that we keep throwing $$$$$ to ‘rejuvenate’ the precious downtown – are all indicators that we should stand on our heads to applaud a new development? People screamed through the last summer and a half at having Great northern from 2nd – 3rd line dug up. We’re going to do it again, to allow for entry and exits? Pino is a smart business man who sees an opportunity.

  2. Definitely year something down first. There’s so many empty commercial spaces. Why would council approve a new one? Empty buildings make the city look and feel run down, when really it’s just spread out.

    Also, why is their no grocery store anywhere downtown?! It’s crazy.

  3. Congratulations to Mr. Pino and his associates and the best wishes in this new entrepreneurship.
    Being in the business in this city and for those expecting big corporation to set foot in town, like Costco and many other big box stores, at least Costco is not going to happen.
    Costco only considers markets with at least 150K inhabitants.
    I believe Mr. Pino project will go ahead very easy as the heavy and intense transit in that area will all be rerouted and the access to the Highway 17 to the North will probably be set well North of Fifth Line and in such a way that the traffic will circumvent the city as we know now.

    • We should do what Sudbury did then and amalgamate with all the towns around us to get closer to the 150k mark… Sudbury itself is not much larger than the Sault, but add in all those little towns around it and you get up around 150k…

      • Any option is better than no option.
        Sudbury is in the 160K and adding.
        We are in 65K and dividing…
        It’s hard to move forward when you keep electing the same old people with a narrow view of the old mentality… but we get the Government we deserve.

  4. I think it’s great business man & owner from our own city wants to invest in job creation here in the Soo..from comments I have read pertaining to Ben Pino. He is the owner & boss the way it’s is get past that & welcome the opportunity for this city may just get the ball rolling for others to consider

  5. If Mr. Pino wants to invest money in this venture…so be it. He is smart enough to have figured out that he can make a profit or he would not do it. I am always thrilled when a local person is prepared to open a business and employ people. The only fly in the ointment as I see it is putting another traffic light opposite his venture. This really will result in lights being too close together and impede a smooth and quick flow of traffic. I am sure the city and Mr. Pino can come up with a plan that will work around traffic lights. Thanks Mr. Pino for investing in our city.

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