Broken Water Main Stalls Traffic on Great Northern Road

PUC Watermain Break


At approximately 12:03AM on February 27, 2018, a number of customers in Sault Ste. Marie had their water services interrupted, as a result of a broken water main. PUC repair crews have been dispatched and have started repairs.

During the repair process traffic flow may be restricted in the affected areas listed below. This traffic restriction is necessary to ensure the safety of repair crews as well as the travelling public.

Description of area involved:

Great Northern Road at the Home Depot Intersection



  1. Just one more of MANY more to come.
    That’s what happens when you neglect the infrastructure for 30 years!
    The city is falling apart, and now the GAPING POTHOLES are starting to take over the majority of the roads, destroying people’s vehicles.

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