‘Canada does not treat us right’ says Trump, as he threatens new global tax


WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is complaining about Canadian trade practices while threatening a tax on international imports.

The U.S. president made the remarks at the White House today while unveiling a long-awaited infrastructure plan.

He says some countries are so-called allies, but don’t act like allies when it comes to trade.

At one point, he made specific reference to Canada, saying the country does not treat its neighbour fairly when it comes to farming and border-crossing.

It’s unclear what he was referring to, although he has complained in the past about dairy controls and softwood lumber.

Trump brought back an old threat to institute some kind of tax on imports. He called it a “reciprocal tax,” and said he would have more to say about it in the coming days and months.

The Canadian Press


  1. Mr. Trudeau is no politician either. He seems to think we have an endless supply of money…much like his friend Ms. Wynne. Both of them have to go in the next election.

  2. It’s technically true. Our lumber, wheat and dairy markets(to name a few) are government controlled…….that is NOT a free enterprise market as set forth in the free trade agreement. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they’re pretty much killing us in every other way so he really doesn’t have a lot to complain about.

  3. Trump is an #######. That man should never have been made president. Yeah he gets #### done and doesn’t mess around. But he’s rude, ignorant , and just downright disrespectful towards so many countries and people

  4. Oh yes, one more time let’s critique, criticize and frankly lie and let’s do that with a country we share borders with. Last time I checked Canada did not want import milk. Check your facts.

  5. This man is constantly running with his fat mouth at full throttle and his brain disengaged.. They can’t dump him soon enough, before he wrecks totally their standing in the world…What an Airhead…..:).

  6. Not to worry…Trump is just one lone voice. He will never get the Americans to truly dump relations and trade with Canada. They are smarter than him. Trump is nothing more than a bully and needs to be ignored.

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