City endorses hospital’s need for a new facility for opioid crisis


City council tonight endorsed a level 3 residential withdrawal management services program and facility in the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

This was after Ron Gagnon, president and CEO of the Sault Area Hospital made a presentation.

This endorsement also comes after the recent CTV W5 documentary on the opioid crisis in the city but the work for the facility has been going on for some time now.

The Sault has existed with only a level 1 withdrawal management service for the last 40 years and it is time for a change.

The program and facility does not have the capacity to support the growing need for withdrawal management services in the Sault.

Our withdrawal management has been identified as a critical issue for our region and reviews by both the Sault Area Hospital and the North East LHIN have identified critical gaps in service.

Substance abuse rates have gone up drastically since 2014.

SAH has developed a case for this level 3 facility including co-location of community and hospital mental health and addiction services with both day and evening programming.

City councilor Frank Fata was concerned with not just getting the beds for people going through this crisis but also with getting to the source of the addiction.

Gagnon said there is a system in place to educate and enforce a solution to this crisis.



  1. REMEMBER Anyone can get Narcan (Naloxone) now from a pharmacy. Get it! REMEMBER, an addict who uses alone… can’t save themselves. REMEMBER you can’t be arrested if you are helping someone who is ODing. REMEMBER all the heroin in town that has been tested has come up dirty with synthetic fentanyl!
    You have to save each other, don’t let your buddy go off by himself to use, get Narcan and save each other, you are your own best life savers now. Stay strong.

  2. In the meantime thank goodness we have local EMS, Police and Firefighters equipped with Naloxone to intervene until they can get these people to the hospital. I see Prince Township is getting on board as well.

  3. Let’s keep them talking… the new detox centre was talked about when the new hospital was being built.. it fell to the side..😔… the only way this will happen is to hold our city officials to not just words… ACTIONS SAVE LIVES… HUGS

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