City looking to adopt closed captioning for City Council


As discussed tonight at city council, the city is taking a more proactive approach towards closed captioning of city council meetings, more than just a move for information as has been done in the past.

The information has come back and it’s going to cost about $24,000 to $35,000 annually.

There was no evidence of information on sponsorship of closed captioning so that the city wouldn’t be on the hook for it.

City councilors Steve Butland and Lou Turco talked about it being an accessibility issue.

Discussions have been held with the city’s accessibility co-ordinator regarding potential funding sources for closed captioning who advises that the city’s barrier removal fund is exhausted until 2020.

Closed captioning of City Council meeting broadcasts/webcasts would fit criteria for barrier removal and might be considered in the next multi-year accessibility plan.

The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS was also contacted. CHS advises that provincial and federal grants are available from time to time for accessibility purposes and opportunities should be monitored. The city’s accessibility co-ordinator monitors funding opportunities and is aware of the city’s interest in accessing funding for closed captioning.


  1. I have partial hearing problem in both ears, I always use my CC everyday, it’t the best thing for me. I tried without using it, nope, no can do.

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