Former Ont. PC leader Patrick Brown calls allegations ‘absolute lies’


Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown says he’s contemplating legal action to restore his reputation in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, which he calls “absolute lies.”

Brown, who had already strongly denied the allegations, gave his first interview since stepping down from his position last month to the Postmedia news agency.

In what the outlet calls an “emotional interview,” Brown compares his experience of being accused of sexual misconduct to “getting hit by a truck.”

He says the incidents alleged by two women in a CTV News report “didn’t happen,” and he suggests being forced to resign as leader just months before a provincial election was akin to “frontier justice.”

Brown told Postmedia he’s “strongly considering a legal recourse.”

The former PC leader broke his silence earlier in the week with a brief message posted on Twitter, saying he was “immensely grateful” for the support he and his family received.

His sister, Stephanie Brown, has also denounced the allegations, which have not been verified by The Canadian Press, as a “political hit.”


The Canadian Press


  1. He should take these women to court. This may be difficult since he has no idea who they are.CTV knows but of course they will not give up the names. No matter what this man is accused of he deserves the chance to defend himself.

  2. Sorry Sir you are too late.
    You stepped down and that showed weakness in your resolve against the alligations. If you are truly not at fault you would have stood up for yourself. Your party and your country against these false accusations. In doing so and now saying you are fighting it legally you have planted a seed if guilt in the public’s mind and that you now are in a position to be proven innocent from guilty and not the other way around. Just my perspective on it. Good luck and hope it works out. Our system is very flawed and needs an overhaul.

    • His party forced him out. If he were to stay on as leader this would have been the only issue his opponents would have talked about for the entire election campaign. He will have a hard time even retaining his seat. Lots of questions surrounding the allegations.

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