Gore Street road closure already causing distress

road closed

Signs have been placed in mailboxes along and around Gore Street for the notice of a road closure tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and it is already causing problems.

Only an hour after the metal road closure signs were placed on Albert Street near and about Andrew intersection, they have already been hit by motorists causing damage to their vehicles.

Also one local business is upset by the lack of notice given to businesses and residents in the area:

“Nice to be informed 24 hours in advance that Gore Street will be closed…If no one on the street was informed of this until today, who is participating in this event? How is it beneficial for the neighbourhood? Saturdays are usually the busiest day of the week at the cafe and a last minute street closure announcement will undoubtedly affect business – not just for me, but for the other businesses on the street. This could have been mitigated by more advance notice, and, ideally including the community in the planning. How will we be compensated? There is no contact information to direct questions to on the notice and no information on the event,” says Nicole Dyble of Gore Street Cafe.

Editor’s Note: The reason for the street closure is here.

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  1. Ann Gray.. That is the exact point she is trying to make including myself.. We had no time to plan and prepare for this event. Telling us at 1-2:00pm that the road will be closed,which they knew about months before, is ridiculous. The girl who dropped my notice off at my store said ” They were suppose to be dropped off on Wednesday but we forgot. “So now, if the story you said about running our of stuff is true, people will have the wrong impression on that business.I don’t know what people don’t understand about this.People like you make me want to shake my head.Never mind.. You did make me do just that.

  2. What did the signs jump out in front of the cars! As for Gore Street Cafe, really! I could see you complaining if street closed on short notice for construction but it’s closed for use by coffee drinking, food eating undoubtedly spectators who eat and drink people! Gawd people make a beef if it’s valid but complain because people who may of never known your business was there, myself included will see your Cafe by necessity and convenience. Will you now complain because Mother Nature made it so cold you ran out of coffee and food, and because sales so high your receipt rolls ran out!

    • well im sry if u didnt know it was there u live under a rock its been on sootoday saultonline all over the place i dont even go there and i know its there read about it all over the place, i live 2 streets up from gore i had no idea what was goin over there today either till we drove by and see the road blocked off and ticked off because we had no warning

    • U r very right Ann ! There has been awesome advertising about this event, but people have nothing better to do than complain . And as for a certain someone on the street complaining, he thinks he’s the Gore St Mayor & amongst other organizations.

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