Here’s how the Sault celebrated Family Day! (37 photos)

family day
Elsa travelled all the way from Arendelle to join Emily at the Bushplane today!

Families in the Sault had a blast today! I bounced around from the Bushplane Museum, the Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site, the Days Inn Family Day Celebration, and the Northern Community Centre Family Sports Drop-In.

I saw many smiling faces, rosy cheeks, busy hands, and creative minds at work.

From reading, arts, crafts, and decorating, to scavenger hunts, dog, magic shows, and soccer, there was a just the right something for all our small Saultites today. The information booths, food, drink, health, jewellery, and clothing vendors found at the Bushplane and the Days Inn provided a little something for mom and dad too!

Although the events were different, one thing they all had in common was each location saw a community coming together.

At the Bushplane, tickets were 1/2 priced and included a slew of activities, events, and special guests. Cadets volunteered at the local museum to help everything room smoothly!

Sally’s team at Backyard Broadway donated proceeds of ticket costs to the Ermatinger-Clergue National historic Site, and in fact, they were founded on donating to local organizations – primarily ARCH. This all started because Sally Toivenen, founder of the group, lost her husband in ARCH and wanted to find a way to give back.

Vendors, teachers, students, and community members alike joined forces to raise money for ‘Katelyn’s Krew’ – in order to help fund Katelyn Grondin’s leukemia treatments and visits to Sick Kids in Toronto. They will also be hosting a pasta dinner on Wednesday at the Grand Gardens to raise money. For more information on that, contact Emily Tremblay at 705-206-7973.

At the Northern Community Centre, kids from all ages and walks of life played together on Turf 2, while on Turf 1, Global Friends hosted newcomers to our community to enjoy family day with a game of soccer. Kids bounced back and forth from turf to turf, and surely got to know some new friends.

Sault – you’ve done well today. Let’s continue to lift each other up and inspire positivity!



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