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UPDATE 3 PM:  Shortly after this story was published, SaultOnline.com has learned that prices have now been reduced back to $1.239 a litre.

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You may have noticed that some gas stations have jacked prices at the pumps Friday by more than 7 cents a litre.

Not all stations are following the lead of McDougall Energy’s owned and operated stores however, Petro Canada was doing a brisk business over the lunch hour as they held prices at $1.23. Esso, Circle K and select Shell stations saw prices jump to $1.309 Friday morning.

The lowest price we were able to find in Ontario is in Hagersville Ontario with prices at $1.04 – in Northern Ontario, Sudbury’s lowest price is $1.249  Prices in Timmins are posted at $1.319  North Bay’s lowest is posted is $1.149.

As of 1 pm Friday, Canadian Tire, Petro Canada and the Shell station on Great Northern were still posting prices at $1.239





  1. ALL gas stations gouge us but McDougall’s go the extra mile and give the knife in our back an extra twist, they are well known for it and you can count on it, forever.
    This is why I haven’t bought a liter of gas in Sault Ontario for many years. I can save a minimum of $20 per fill up across the river, not counting any of the savings on other things while I happen to be there.
    Some people think their greedy monopoly is a good thing but all it did was set us up to be gouged worse and worse for eternity.

  2. They raise prices because they can. No government is going to step in and regulate gas prices…all governments want the tax revenue that gas supplies. I can see where bridge traffic will take a jump this weekend and many will buy gas in Soo Michigan.

  3. This is the 3rd time in as many weeks ive seen prices jump even temporarily on the weekend.

    Twice i saw Esso’s early morning prices at $1.29. Then changed back later.

    If this does t prove price gouging i dont know what will

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