Letter: Win-Win-Win Opportunity for Spruce Haven , City and Carnivores


This is an opportunity NOW to have Ben the bear, the lions, cougar, wolves and coyote moved from inadequate housing , far too small cages or appropriate enhancements at Spruce Haven, to accredited WILD ANIMAL SANCTURARIES, to give these wild animals better lives with room to roam in specie specific habitat and live more like the wild animals they are.

Note expert findings in Zoocheck report Prepared by Dr. Martyn Obbard https://www.zoocheck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Obbard-Spruce-Haven-Report.pdf

Any business owner that has been operating for 33 plus years should have a retirement plan in place. I cannot think of a better one that has appeared for them RIGHT NOW that will take the carnivores off of their hands and move them to accredited sanctuaries at NO COST to their business!

What does Spruce Haven intend to do with these carnivores once they themselves can no longer look after them or the animals become very sick ?

I would suggest Spruce Haven rethink wasting money on a lawyer or looking a gift horse in the mouth and instead thank the Zoocheck professionals for offering them the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME for them by re-homing these carnivores for them AT NO CHARGE as the Spruce Haven Owners, as well as the animals enter their twilight years.

The opportunity is RIGHT NOW and with all expenses to be covered by ZooCheck to move these carnivores. That is not to say this gift of their offer will remain indefinitely.

The RIGHT THING TO DO is realize that this is a gift to the CITY OF SAULT STE. MARIE and SPRUCE HAVEN with Zoocheck doing all the work, the moving and covering all the expenses to move them and the RIGHT THING TO DO FOR THE ANIMALS AND THAT IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS THE MOST.

It’s so obvious to me that this is an opportunity to be seized and appreciated for the true gift it really is in a Win for the city, a Win for Spruce Haven and a Win for the animals. Why wait any longer?

Katherine G. MacRae


  1. Without taking away from the owners, I have to agree that this is a Win, Win, Win situation. The owners win, as it gives them an opportunity to retire, without the worry and expense of dealing with the animals. The animals win, as they are taken to a facility that is better equipped to meet their needs, and a win for the city, as it would not cost anything, and they would know that they have done the right thing for these animals.

  2. How about giving these people a little bit of credit. They’ve looked after this zoo for quite a long time. Your making them out to be some kind of idiots. I’m all for kindness to animals and animal rights. Where were you when they needed help and food a few years ago.?

    Please give credit where credit is due.

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