Local cadets have their sights set on P.E.I.



Local Cadets Prepare for Provincial Biathlon

“That went really, really well, I am pretty excited because today was my first time actually shooting a metal target standing and I shot five for five”, stated Kaylee Marcel.

Kaylee is a member of the 2310 Army Cadet Biathlon Team who is competing at this weekends Regional Cadet Biathlon held at the Algoma Rod and Gun Club.

Sea, Army and Air Cadets from across Ontario will be traveling here to compete after securing a spot in their own Area Cadet Biathlon Competitions earlier this month. “ I have to call our coach O/Cadet Alex Shea to tell him I shot five for five” Kaylee said

Cassandra Breckenridge being coached by OCdt. Alex Shea
Cassandra Breckenridge being coached by OCdt. Alex Shea. Photo by: Captain Roy Harten

Kaylee went on to say that, “standing shooting is a little harder to keep steady when you breathe and heart beats. The biggest challenge is getting the perfect sight picture and taking the perfect shot”.

When asked what she looks forward to this weekend, “the food, the Algoma Rod and Gun volunteers prepare the best meals for us.” She also added that skiing to earn a spot on the National Ontario Team is a goal, as she has worked hard to shave off six minutes from her ski time from last years competition.

Another biathlete from the 2310 that advanced to this weekend’s competition is Seth Mason.

Coaches award
Major Pierre Pierre Breckenridge Cheif of Competition and O/Cdt. Alex Shea with the Coaches Award. Photo by: Captain Roy Harten.

He described his training, “skied a lot, twice a week while working on hill climbing with range on Saturday as well as a diet of a lot of meat and proteins”.

He has been working a lot on his shooting to improve his three for five shot average.

His goal for this weekend… “our goal for my relay race ski partner and I is to make it the National Biathlon Competition”.

Seth Mason gets his heart rate up before firing on the range
Seth Mason gets his heart rate up before firing on the range Photo by: Captain Roy Harten.

Alex Shea a past Cadet Biathlete and Civilian Biathlon in world competition, now coaches the 2310 Army and any of the other cadet units that participate.

At the recent Northern Ontario Area Cadet Biathlon Alex was recognized for his coaching of biathletes. He also provided coaches from other teams with tips on fundamentals for skiing and marksmanship skills.

The top male and female athletes are aged 12 to 18 years of age and will be representing their communities from across Ontario when they are here for the Regional Cadet Biathlon which the public is invited to attend.

They all have their sights set to participate in this Olympic-style competition which consists of athlete’s cross-country skiing 1-2 km loops through the challenging terrain of Sault Ste Marie and shooting .22-calibre rifles at falling-plate targets in the range stadium.

The best combined skiing time and shooting scores will determine who will make up Team Ontario and advance to the fourth stage of the Canadian Cadet Organization National Cadet Biathlon, held in Brookvale, PEI, March 7th to 11th.