Mothers and daughters team up to support Heart & Stroke Foundation

Heart and Stroke Event

Today, friends, families, and supporters of survivors of heart disease came together to raise money and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Sault Ste. Marie.

The Mother Daughter Walk Event was hosted inside the George Leach Centre to raise funds to improve the outcomes of heart disease and stroke for women.

Dan Ingram, Area Manager, told SaultOnline “Women’s heart disease is becoming an epidemic in Canada. It used to be considered a men’s disease, so many women would fall through the cracks because they were not being tested or diagnosed properly. The signs and symptoms can be different and it can be more complex for women.”

Many participants, young and old, have lived through this experience.

Karin Von Althen had a stroke two weeks ago – and was inspiring everyone by walking laps as a survivor with her daughter at today’s event.

Charlie Lefave underwent open heart surgery a year ago, and she, her twin sister, Georgina, her mother, Karen, and her grandmother, Yvonne, participated today, representing three generations coming together to empower the cause.

“It’s been ten years since we have done this event. It used to be done provincially, now we want to bring it back locally,” said Dan Ingram, Area Manager of the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Although the event only saw seventeen participants, Ingram described the supporters as “a small group, but a mighty group.”

And he’s not wrong – this small group of dedicated women managed to raise over $1200 for the cause.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation, and all of it’s supporters who came out today, are hopeful that they can make this an annual event that will see an even greater turn out.

To stay in tune with future events and find out how you can help improve the quality of care for women’s heart disease, check out the Heart & Stroke Foundation here.