NAFTA booster in Trump administration: I think we get a deal by December


WASHINGTON — One of the biggest supporters of NAFTA in the Trump administration says he’s feeling more hopeful.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told American lawmakers today that he expects a deal.

Perdue told the House of Representatives agriculture committee during testimony today that he believes it will happen this year — sometime after July’s election in Mexico.

He says he sees movement from Mexican negotiators, and to a lesser extent from Canada as well, and believes there will be a deal that benefits all three countries.

The context of this exchange is the concern in the U.S. farming industry.

American farmers have been one of the biggest winners in NAFTA, and lately have been struggling with low crop prices, and their sector has been pleading with the Trump administration not to jeopardize NAFTA.

Perdue has been their vocal advocate within the Trump administration.

The Canadian Press