Brilliant art pieces on a post-it note canvases

Post it modernism
One of Wurdemann's pieces, with impressive detail.

As part of the Fishbowl festival, a community sourced festival in Sault Ste. Marie of food, arts, and culture, Gore St. Cafe hosted an exciting and accessible exhibit for the very first time – Post-it note art.

Artists from eleven different countries – ranging from Canada, Indonesia, Australia, and across parts of Europe and the United Kingdom as well – submitted art on 3×3 Post-It notes. (More info on how the actual exhibit submissions worked can be found here).

Not only did this crowd-sourced art exhibit attract local and foreign artists alike, but contributors ranged in age from 5 to 60, all skill levels, and all kinds of different types of art theme and mediums.

It has provided a platform for artists to be on equal footing, with equal chances for exposure.

“The idea is you come in and you see all the art on the wall, and your eye is drawn to what it is drawn to. Some guy can’t come in with a 6 foot canvas and steal the show,” said curator, Al Bjornaa, “I want people to see that art doesn’t have to be intimidating, it’s not a white-collared thing. It doesn’t have to cost a half a million dollars to be considered art.”

Bjornaa wanted to provide an opportunity for people to create and view art in an environment that wasn’t as intimidating as traditional art exhibits.

As someone who hasn’t attended many art shows, and who has zero artistic abilities, I can say that he achieved this vision for his exhibit – creating a space that is a fun and innovative way to express and appreciate art in a different form.

I stopped in around 7:30pm tonight – only a half hour after the gallery officially opened – and 18 pieces were already sold.

At $10 bucks a piece, it is a simple and affordable way to support Gore St. Cafe.

The online gallery, which Bjornaa, will be opening, will allow for people near and far to purchase the art.

“A lot of artists can relate to this because they started out by having their art up in a cafe like this one, so they are happy to submit a piece of art to support us,” Bjornaa explained, “If a place like us closes, it hurts artists. It hurts musicians. It hurts people who need a safe space to come and just hang out.”

If you didn’t get a chance to make it out tonight, no worries. The exhibit will be on display in the cafe until March 20th.

For more information on the other exciting events happening as part of the Fishbowl Festival, click here.

To see what else Gore St. Cafe is up to and how you can support this particular local business, check them out on Facebook.




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