Provide your input on promoting Sault Ste. Marie


Future Sault Ste. Marie wants to hear from you as it begins brand positioning work

Future Sault Ste. Marie is working to strengthen the community’s image as a top destination for visitors, businesses, investors and students as well as a great place to call home. With the support of funds from the Province of Ontario through the Community Adjustment Committee, an external firm has been selected to provide guidance on a strategic framework for community promotion. A number of workshops and input sessions have been held and now a public survey is being conducted to gain feedback on the key brand ingredients for the City. This project, which is part of the Community Adjustment Committee’s recommendations, is now calling on residents to help tell the City’s story by participating in an online public survey.

“One consistent message we heard from residents during our outreach was that the community needs to do a better job promoting itself externally and building pride locally. We are asking for the assistance of our community to help us tell our narrative of Sault Ste. Marie and shape the future perceptions of our City,” says Tom Vair, Deputy CAO, Community Development and Enterprise Services. “We’ve had a lot of input and consultation with brand experts and professionals in our community about what makes Sault Ste. Marie unique. Now, based on this feedback, we’ve grouped all of the responses into four big themes that we are seeking engagement with our community on.”

The themes include: Maker Ingenuity, Sustaining Quality of Life, International Trailhead and Bawating Spirit.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the process by completing an online survey and ranking the major themes. The survey can be found at:

The community promotion survey is meant to evaluate suggested themes. Once this input is received, the next step in the branding process will be to finalize promotional messaging, visual identities and the advertising methods. For more information, contact Sault Ste. Marie Community Development and Enterprise Services department at 705-759-5308 or email [email protected].


  1. we need to pressure all layers of government to get off the couch and fund projects like a water park atv snowmobiling with weekend passes people can afford donation only provincial and federal parks expanded casino full return of spring bear hunt build king mountain promote more provincial sporting events make manufacturing more appealing by creating tax neutral property for companies that build in the sault and build a drug and alcohol detox centre.

    • Some good points however the casino may have overstayed its welcome. Although I have friends that work in the casino, I think it doesn’t bring in tourism the way you think. There are four casinos within a 45 minute drive once you cross the border so Americans aren’t coming here. The big problem is that I find it’s more of a drain on our city. The money is being primarily spent by locals, many of whom probably cannot afford to gamble in the first place.

  2. This survey is ridiculous. It displays a great deal of confirmation bias — attempting to lead people to particular answers. This is why we are stuck in a very deep rut.

    • i agree David. I tried to do the survey and quit two questions in. It’s just another exampled of our city trying to lead people to the results THEY want. If you truly want input, put out decent questions and let people give you their opinions. City council continuously brings forward ideas, but they never want to provide the answers. They consistently dump this work on City staff, who don’t have the time to deal with this. My father always told me that if I ever bring him a problem, always bring him the answer as well. Otherwise, it’s only a problem to me.
      If you want to know what to do, start looking at cities like Petoskey, Traverse City, etc, who have made good use of their waterfronts to bring tourism in. Sault Michigan runs a great tourist destination every year and they shut down for the winter every year. How is it that we share the same waterfront and they can make it work but we can’t.

  3. Our population had dwindled too 70,000. No good jobs. I’m sorry to say but Essar and Tennaris where good jobs but as they can’t find owners to help keep them afloat and since they rely on the steel market they are hardly good jobs anymore.
    There is little to nothing to retain young educated people to stay and raise families. The city squanders money as they please on garbage projects but can’t even fix the friggin streets or infrastructure. We had what 6 water main this winter alone. Our college is number 1 in the province yet no jobs for them when they are finished to keep them here.
    There’s no shopping to speak of. Like a chapters would kill this city.
    We have a opioids epidemic going on but very little being done about it.
    Crime is threw the roof. We let murders that should be on death row let out after 18 months to only reoffend in 3 months. Nothing for working families to try to better themselves employment wise. I lived in Ottawa for 25 years I can’t figure out why we don’t have all kinds of CRA or Health Canada offices here in town.
    I left in the 90’s when the plant was on strike. Now it’s been under protection since I came back. The city needs to find another go to guy for employing people. I came back because this is my home. The mayor. City Council and the MP’s need to figure out how to make our city great again. That’s why you were voted in. Not for the big paychecks and great retirement packages.

  4. its too far gone its a retirement city why do you think the young left,the essar centre can’t make money drawing people, there is no factories setting up shop here no atrractions except for the train tour.I am afraid you have to face it retirement city like elliot shopping ethier have to go to sudbury

  5. A good start would be to clear out city hall chambers and get some fresh blood in the Councillor’s seats, the old boys club needs to disappear as well as the Shoe, and last but not least, the cackling hens. There is too much small minded thinking going on there.

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