Province comes up with almost $600,000 for local commuter cycling program


On the local cycling front. The province came through big time. Now we are waiting for city council’s approval of the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program Funding.

In May 2017, city council approved an Active Transportation Implementation Strategy for 2017–2020. This strategy identified a series of projects including cycling lanes, multiuse paths, signage and amenities.

The purpose of the strategy was to develop a robust cycling network throughout the city to encourage commuter cycling and connect residential neighborhoods with employment, commercial, institutional and recreational destinations.

If fully implemented, approximately 95 per cent of the city’s population will be within 800 m of an active transportation facility. City council approved the strategy in principle, subject to funding availability.

Well the province came through with $580,534.79 of the funding, leaving the city to make up the rest, $145,133.69.