Romano Calls For Increased Hospital Funding To Combat Opioid Crisis


QUEEN’S PARK – Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano questioned the Minister of Health and Long-term Care about whether or not he will allocate the necessary funding to Sault Area Hospital in the 2018 Budget to address the on-going opioid crisis.

In a two part question, Romano stressed the devastating impact the crisis has had on Sault Ste. Marie and the urgency needed to prevent the crisis from escalating further.
“The crisis has already claimed the lives of too many people,” said Romano. “With inadequate resources to address the current demand for services, the problem is not improving and in fact it is getting much worse.”

Today’s questions were the second instance this week in which Romano addressed the ongoing opioid crisis in Sault Ste. Marie and across Ontario. During a member statement yesterday, Romano outlined four key areas that need to be met in order to better assist local hospitals and health care agencies, including improved funding for, and education surrounding, mental health and addiction, implementing measures to limit opioid production, and partnerships with the Federal government.

“It is imperative that we find a way to work together – regardless of our respective political stripes – through all levels of government to come up with solutions to resolve this crisis.”
Prior to the W5 documentary, Romano met with the CAO of Sault Area Hospital to discuss the potential of creating a Level 3 regional withdrawal management services building that would combine community and hospital services under one roof. The estimated capital funding for this project is expected to be $11 million.


  1. I phoned his office in January I was told that it is a federal problem not provincial and they could not help me,he wants votes so now he is saying g he will help all them politicians tell you what you want to hear then do the complete opposite including the mayor.

  2. Keeping battling Ross. Don’t give up until we get the money and resources we need to combat this crisis.

  3. If you would have answered my message in a timely manner, you could have asked these questions last September. Can you see those votes floating away?

  4. Trudeau would rather gallivant around the world with his family in tow squandering millions while he plays Mr. Dress Up than put any of OUR money towards urgent matters.

    • I agree with Cole…..Why does Trudeau think it is alright to take his entire family on his work related jaints around the world? Can you imagine the extra costs involved in making this a family venture? He needs to pay attention to what he is there for rather than visiting tourist sites with his family.

    • Thats a great start. But we are forgetting the most important part of all this – access to the drug. If we can control the access better and more stringently, we could possibly decrease drastically/curb the amount of people using, thus decreasing all the ODs. The problem is allowing people access to it.

    • Have all hospital employees who work around these drugs tested at the very least. I know of multiple nurses and a couple pharmacists in the sault who have been stealing the drugs and selling them for top dollar around town

      • The drugs that are the biggest problem here are synthetic Fentanyl, Carfentanil, Heroin, Meth and do not come from the pharmacies or hospitals, but form China and other places where they are being manufactured and sold through dirt bag dealers.
        You are just talking to hear yourself.

    • Well brando, you opened up a hornet’s nest. Part of the reason I said earlier to seek control and access to these drugs. Much more stringent rules need to be put into effect!!

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