StatCan survey reveals Canadians pay less than $7 a gram for marijuana


TORONTO — A Statistics Canada study suggests that Canadians on average pay less than $7 a gram for marijuana.

The drug is most expensive in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, which shell out $11.89 and $10.24 per gram on average.

Quebecers get the biggest break, roughly forking over $5.89 a gram.

Those in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island pay between $6.97 and $7.47 per gram.

The data is based on information Statistics Canada collected from about 15,000 Canadians since Jan. 25.

It is part of the organization’s efforts to get a better snapshot of the country’s marijuana use in the months leading up the drug’s legalization.

The Canadian Press


  1. The statistics are most likely based off the people buying their medicinal marijuana… which actually is around 7$ a gram. They charge varying on the thc content. Higher grade pot, more money.. lower grade pot, less money.

    • Makes sense, thanks for that information because I truly didn’t know. I sincerely thank you. 🙂 my family member and friends are obviously being ripped off, poor things lol.

    • However medical cannabis has taxes etc which makes it quite expensive actually.
      The strains I use for my precriptions are either 9-10$ a g + taxes making it more expensive than blackmarket.

    • its from buying large amounts come on guys. even illegally. yes it is 10 bucks a gram but there is 28 grams in an ounce and you can usually get an ounce for around 200 dollars so thats not exacting 10 bucks per gram now is it?

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