Superior Heights to share ‘a tale as old as time’ (12 Photos)

beauty and the beast
Everyone was buzzing with energy before opening night!

Superior Heights OnStage and producer, Anthony Aceti, gave me the opportunity to hang out backstage at the Community Theatre Centre while they rehearsed for their opening show of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ premiering Wednesday at 7pm.

I was so impressed with their hard work and dedication!  Even at 10pm, after hours of rehearsing, there was no shortage of energy coming from the cast or crew.

Enjoy this sneak preview!  Find out more about the cast and production below.


Be our guest! Join Superior Heights OnStage for their main stage production of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

A big, exciting, family-friendly show, the production will grace the stage at the Community Theatre Centre (formerly Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre) this Wednesday February 28th to Saturday March 3rd at 7:00 PM.

Tickets can be purchased at the door. Prices are $15 for adults and seniors and $5 for students.

Directed by Anthony Aceti, this is the 7th full-blown musical theatre production from Superior Heights since 2013. Other highlights include ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘The Sound of Music.’

With memorable characters like Gaston, loveable songs like ‘Be Our Guest,’ and a story that’s a classic “tale as old as time”, this is one production not to be missed!

The cast of Beauty and the Beast includes Alison MacDonald as Belle, Calvin Lane as The Beast, RJ Warnock as Maurice (Belle’s Father), Austin Simon as Gaston, and William Whittington as his sidekick, Lefou.

Featuring everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic castle objects, Matthew Stephens plays Lumiere, Jaime Burns plays Cogsworth, Audrey Vair plays Mrs. Potts and Ellen Johns plays her child, Chip.

Paige Simon plays a feather duster named Babette and Lyric Tibben is a wardrobe/former opera singer named Madame de la Grande Bouche.

Rounding out the cast are Lauren Mobbs as an Asylum Keeper and Monet LePage, Avery McMillan and Violet Liepins as the Three Silly Girls.

The ensembles features students from all grades at Superior Heights (including students enrolled in the 7/8 Intermediate Program): Aariana Barbarie, Paivi Bell, Morgan Bowes, Emma Buchanan, Ash Burns, Destinee Duclos, Kyle Harriman, Lydia Hauser, Charlize Hickey, Ashley Kiefer, Annika Lane, Michaela Lynn, Heather Marsh, Sam Middaugh, Dylan Mifflin, Alex Rissanen, Jacob Rivers, Jade Rivers, Zach Rivers, Hannah Ross, Grace Scoffield, Robert Smelt and Jason Turpin.

As a student production, there are many un-sung heroes of the show working behind the scenes who also hail from Superior Heights C&VS.

These dedicated students worked on building props, painting the set and working as crew: Emma Beharriell, Riley Boissneau, Alexis Darcini, Ethan Edwards, Joshua Hales, Jameson Hewitt-Bumbacco, Emily LeClair, Korey Miller-Boyle, Breanna Moore, Ben Nadon, Angeline Perin-Erb, Molly Taylor, Liam Vaillancourt, and Kyle Wilson.

Two Superior Heights’ teachers also deserve mention for helping mount this very large production. Louis Parent, construction teacher, and Krista Nolan, cosmetology teacher, had a helping hand in creating the set and make-up/hair design respectively.

Each teacher enlisted senior students from their advanced classes to assist with the technical elements of the show.

Before the show begins, the Superior Heights’ rock band ‘The Voyageurs’ will be performing classic songs in the lobby to set the ambience for the evening and provide some entertainment to those patrons waiting for tickets. The members of ‘The Voyageurs’ include Ethan Edwards, Korey Miller-Boyle and Liam Vaillancourt.

This is a spectacular production, a team effort and a great example of local student achievement: an evening not to be missed.