Top cadets from across the province trained here this weekend for Team Ontario

Team Ontario
Team Ontario, Photo by: Peter Grant


This past weekend 20 of the top cadet biathletes in Ontario were working on their ski technique and marksmanship skills in preparation for the 2018 Cadet National Biathlon which will be held in Brookvale, PEI from March 7th to 10th.

The Sea, Army and Air Cadets traveled from across Ontario to train at the Algoma Rod and Gun Club’s Biathlon Ski Course.

The Sault was chosen for this years training camp as it offered a challenging ski course and hills.

Makayla French
Makayla French, 167 Air, Owen Sound. Photo by: Peter Grant.

The other benefit is the nutritional well prepared food by the volunteers at the Rod and Gun Club for the athletes to replenish them after a long day of training.

This is a fitting choice as the Sault’s course is the only National level ski course, approved by Biathlon Canada in Ontario.

These biathletes have earned their place on Team Ontario at the recently held Regional Cadet Biathlon which was also held here in the Sault, on February 10 and 11th.

Training consisted of hill climbing and skiing drills while coaches offered tips on improving the technique that would help when competing against the top cadet biathletes in Canada.

Abigael Lohnes
Abigael Lohnes, 167 Air Owen Sound. Photo by: Peter Grant

Cardio exercises build up stamina while keeping heart rates optimal while skiing the course.

The biathlete practice when to start decreasing their heart rate as they are transitioning into the range to shoot.

Focus on the principals of breathing sight picture, trigger control and follow through were aspects that coaches assisted with for the biathlete to shoot at the falling plate targets using .22 calibre Anchutz target rifles in the prone and standing positions in this Olympic style event.

A combination of good skate skiing and marksmanship define a good biathlete.

Zachary Nyenbuis
Zachary Nyenbuis, 167 Air Owen Sound, Photo by: Peter Grant

The 2018 Cadet National Biathlon is the final stage of the Canadian Cadet Movement Biathlon Series and will see different age groups ski the one to two and half kilometer ski courses logging six to eight and half kilometers while entering the range up to four times with penalty loops of 100 meters for each missed target.

Members of Team Ontario are: Iris Li, Jessica Chan, Makayla French, Carolyn Brown, Daniel Rivera, Kevin Chang, Peter Cole, Alex Frappier, Tyler Caldwell, Victoria Desfosses, Vivian Mullins, Jessica Matill, Zachary Nyenbuis, Branden Lohnes, Adrian Poncelet, Ale Bolduc, Darcy Hayden, Abigael Lohnes, Troy Martel, Joshua Kiers.

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