Tories to pitch change to benefits clawback for disabled people who want to work


OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives will keep rolling out policy this week, with the latest move in their playbook — a new approach to disabilities benefits — expected to be detailed later today.

The pitch will come in the form of a private member’s bill sponsored by Tory finance critic Pierre Poilievre.

A Conservative source tells The Canadian Press the idea is to ensure people with disabilities aren’t at risk of losing their benefits if they seek to work longer hours or for higher pay than allowed.

Poilievre’s bill will be introduced alongside one from Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer that calls on the government to stop taxing employment insurance benefits accessed by those on parental leave.

Both measures are part of the Conservatives’ efforts to start presenting policies they say will go further than the Liberals’ approach to helping the middle class.

They also harken back to the Harper Conservatives’ strategy of offering niche tax breaks as incentives to targeted pools of voters — a strategy the Liberals have argued voters rejected in the 2015 election.

The Canadian Press