Update on downtown’s ‘collision corridor’ at Albert and Gore


Back in January SaultOnline featured a story that included 12 videos showing collisions occurring at an alarming rate at the Gore and Albert Streets intersection.

The traffic lights at the intersection were removed as part of ‘Project Transform Gore.’

The change included giving motorists on Gore St. the right-of-way, from Queen St. through to Wellington St.

New stop signs were installed for both lanes of the one-way, east bound traffic traveling Albert Street.

Just today a video was posted of another collision.(below)

Still going on!

Posted by Joanne Denis on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The matter was discussed at City Council, and shortly after two parking meters on Gore St were covered, eliminating vehicles from blocking the line of sight for east bound Albert Street motorists.

The parking meters have now been replaced with a ‘No Parking’ sign.  We also noted that the snowbank on the south west side of Albert has been cut right down as well.

No parking Gore street
There is now a ‘No Parking’ sign on the west side of Gore Street, south of the Albert Street intersection

On the one hand, two prime parking spots are no longer available on Gore, on the other hand, visibility might be improved for Albert Street traffic to safely cross.

But, as Joanne Denis, who posted today’s collision video said, “It’s still happening!”

Previous SaultOnline coverage:

City staff says it will take 3 years for traffic to change on Albert

Will they finally put the traffic lights back on Albert Street?




  1. When the traffic lights were there before the Gore St reno, accidents didn’t happen constantly. So that kind of shows that the lights did work to prevent accidents. Putting them back in would cost a fortune tho. I think solar red flashing lights on each stop sign on Albert would be a cheap and effective solution.

  2. There are 2 signs warning you of an upcoming stop, And 2 larger than normal stop signs, that 4 signs these people miss before just crossing into the street.

    This is careless driving at its finest. Next best solution… put a satellite police station on the corner….. 🙂

  3. They put red flashers at Queen West and Andrew and very seldom do you hear of accidents there. What we have is not working so TRYING the red flasher may or may not work but at least it shows there is an effort to correct the problem.
    Both these intersections are the same as they deal with two lane one way traffic in both directions.

  4. I drive and use this intersection on the way to work everyday. If your stopping completely and looking at your surroundings then it’s not a problem. It’s the people who don’t see the stop sign and just drive through. The intersection of Albert & John is bad. They removed stop signs and made a 4 way stop, a two way stop. I’ve almost been hit/ almost hit someone a hand full of times and it was always an older gentleman driving.

  5. A Stop Sign means that wheels of a moving car must come to a full stop.

    Every driver that choose not to obey the law and ignore the Stop Sign, should be furnished with a very nice $ 150 ticket.

  6. Council was advised that it is going to take 3 years before accidents at this location will happen at normal occurrence. The city is fine with allowing accidents to happen for another 2 years.
    Maybe traffic lights are not needed but a solar red flashing light on Albert might help and show city is making an effort.

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