UPDATED: Major sports tournament coming to the Sault

(Left to right) Mayor Provenano, Master Tracy Cornacchio, Grand Master Peter Cornacchio, Aaron Grandinetti, Kyle Derasp, Isaac Withers, Lindsay Ackland from Tourism Sault Ste. Marie, who also practices Hap-Ki-Do, and Tyrin Dubois-Gorman.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie, in partnership with Tourism Sault Ste. Mari and event organizers from Soo Dan Hap-Ki-Do Cornacchio’s Martial Arts Centre have announced they will be hosting the 4th World MooMoo Kwan Martial Arts Canadian Championship – Canadian Open July 25th to 28th 2019 at the Essar Centre!

The International MooMoo Kwan Hap-Ki-Do Federation, based in Korea, is the largest governing body for this form of martial arts in the world. It hosts world competitors from a number of different countries, and is practiced in more than 44 countries, with over 2,000 studios. Grand Master Peter A. Cornacchio described it as “the fastest growing martial arts association in the world.”

This is the first time that this event will be held in Canada, and winning this bid was no small feat for our city and dedicated Grand Master Cornacchio and his wife, Master Tracey Cornacchio, who is the Tournament Director.

“Since this event is sanctioned under the International MooMoo Kwan Hap-Ki-Do Federation, you have to really show the organization who you are. They don’t easily just hand these sanctioned tournaments out,” she told SaultOnline. “You have to really show the organization who you are as dedicated martial artists, and that includes teaching and mentoring – or as we call it – being on the mats.”

Of her husband, Master Tracy said, “it really was his reputation that showed them we should have this.”

I would say they both have impressive experience in martial arts that make them the perfect duo to put together an event of this magnitude.

Grand Master Peter was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2010 for the work he has done around the world, including teaching and event participation, while Master Tracy was inducted shortly thereafter for her involvement in international teaching and tournament directing.

They currently teach over 80 students of all ages at the Soo Dan Hap-Ki-Do Martial Arts Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, where they have mentored and trained world competitors.

hap ki do
The Cornacchios value mind, body, and spirit in their martial arts practice. They are excited to show their pride for the Sault by hosting this event here – as Grand Master Peter is inspired in his practice by the peace and serenity of our Great Lakes.

Ian McMillan, Executive Director of Tourism Sault Ste. Marie, explained the positive economic impact that this tournament will have for our region, “It is estimated that we will see half a million dollars being spent directly in our city between meals, transportation, and accommodations for all participants and guests coming to see the tournament.” He continued, “it is a really great time of year to fill our city just before the July and August peak.”

Tourism Sault Ste. Marie and the Cornacchios bid against a number of other countries, and this success will promote the Sault Ste. Marie martial arts community and showcase regional and international talent, all while injecting our local economy and increasing tourism to the city.

For more information on this exciting tournament or the Hap-Ki-Do practice, please get into contact with the Cornacchios by visiting their website.