VICE releases new video and article about the Soo

Steel Town DOwn

Following ‘Steel Town Down’ VICE Canada released a new article and video today on their website.

The new video is titled ‘Everybody’s Dying’: What It’s Like to Struggle With Addiction in ‘The Soo’, and is accompanied by a new article.

Kylie Greco is featured in the eight minute documentary that was shot at the same time as ‘Steel Town Down’ last November.

From Vice:

While in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (aka “the Soo”) filming the documentary, we met 20-year-old Kylie Greco, who almost died last year from an opioid overdose. When she OD’d at a friend’s home, she said, someone she was using with dropped her unconscious body off next to a dumpster…


VICE calls attention to the fallout swirling in the Sault since ‘Steel Town Down’ aired last Saturday.

In a phone interview VICE conducted today with Greco, she was  specifically asked about it.

Read the entire article and watch the video on the VICE website: Click Here



  1. It may be interesting to have some statistics available regarding drug addicts and persons with mental health issues in need of assistance.
    Are those people all born in Sault Ste. Marie, and if not, what percentage of them are born in this city and also, if they are from out of town, how long have they been here in the Soo and what reasons had them to move to a City where there are no jobs, drugs are freely available everywhere, there is a “housing crisis” and the health system is falling apart.
    Now that the Hospital made more people available for counselling and assistance, it would be interesting to see how many persons in need of assistance attend the service, how many are able to succeed and what percentage can’t say no to drugs.

  2. Some of the comments made by Desire Beck, and Steve Olsen, painted an awful portrait of Sault ste Marie, that is very harsh, and critical, and leaves a very bad impression of the Health care workers in Sault ste. marie , as well as older people in Sault ste marie. Steve Olsen stated that older people in Sault ste marie want to just “let the drug addicts die”. Desire Beck trashes Health Care Workers based on second hand information from some of the drug addicts she supports. One of the drug addicts told her that a health care worker stated ,” If we`re saving them(drug addicts) we aren`t weeding out the herd” there is no evidence to support either one of these assertions. They painted a very ugly heartless picture of Sault ste marie.

    • All they did was tell the truth without sugar coating it. Alot of never knew how bad the problem was until the show aired. Now it has been put in front of us and we know maybe 85% of the problem, we should be suporting the front line people that deal with the problem. Our mayor or his cronies havent said a word about this problem, aparently he was under a gag order since Nov of last year when he was interviewed. What about all the months before?

    • Monica Smith I fully appreciate and recognize there is a major drug problem that needs to be addressed, what I don`t agree with was the portrayal of older people in the Soo, as well as health care workers in the Soo as being heartless and cruel, and just wanting to let drug addicts die. Those assertions are not correct, and very unfair.jmo

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