Albert Street traffic lights back on the agenda


Albert Street intersections at Gore and Andrew will be back at council again tomorrow; the two most accident ridden intersections in the city.

It was recommended that staff be requested to further investigate scenarios and bring a recommendation back to council by the March 5th council meeting to rectify this problem including the reinstallation of the traffic lights at these two intersections.

The Ontaro Traffic Manual states that converting from a specific type of traffic control to signalization may be justified after adequate trial or consideration of less restrictive remedies when satisfactory observance and enforcement has failed to reduce collision frequency.

At these two intersections, motorists are failing to stop at the new stop signs to yield the right of way. It is the belief of city staff that with the passage of time, motorists will become more familiar with these stop signs and accidents will decline.

Although this is not the opinion of many residents.

The city is using the Queen and Andrew intersection as a precedent whereby after the removal of traffic lights, there were many accidents, but after 5 years the accident rate declined to almost none.

Further, the city is currently working with IBI Group, a traffic engineering specialist, on the Downtown Traffic Study. IBI has indicated that a formal intersection safety study of these two locations could be completed for approximately $6,500 to the taxpayer.

This study is in scope with the current Downtown Traffic Study and could be added to that assignment and completed in May of this year.

“Given the number of injury collisions to go along with the other accidents, the safety study would be wise and is recommended to see what, if any, other measures should be taken,” states the city council agenda.


  1. Don’t blame the lights…. It’s the drivers who are not alert, and just follow what they are used to. They need to open their damn eyes and watch the roads !!! Pay attention and you wouldn’t run a stop sign!

  2. My bet is if they changed the flow of traffic at Andrews st/Albert to having a straight threw on Andrews instead, it would cut down a bunch of accidents on Gore. With the changes along Albert St there is no stop between huron and gore now, so people just get accustomed to going… Having a stop at Andrews and letting the traffic flow south on Andrews would probably reduce accidents.

  3. Who’s pushing the motions to have lights in every corner?
    Two days ago I went around to see how difficult the traffic is and I had to stand on Albert, at the stop sign, and let six or seven cars cross the intersection as they were moving on Gore from Queen to Wellington.
    Then, in my view the problem can be solved just adding a DO NOT TURN RIGHT ON RED to the traffic light on Queen and Gore, in that way, will be a break in traffic on Gore and the intersection will not be continuously busy with Gore traffic.

    If Mr. Turco has a personal agenda here, he can pay for the lights out of his pocket, and BTW, Mr. Turco will be better off watching for the sex workers soliciting on Albert, mostly on the sidewalk of the St. John church, where seems to be an underage girl soliciting, but of course, if you do not have a red light…

  4. The Queen W/Andrew st intersectipn is a prime example of an intersection where the trafdic lights were replaced by stop signs, and Queen W is travelled by just as many, if not more, vehicles than Gore St. Enforcement of the law and not traffic lights is the solution. However, the addition of flashing lights above the stop signs, such as used at the Queen W/Andrew St and other intersections, such as the 4 way at Willow and Willoughby may increase visibility/awareness of the stop signs and may be all that is needed.

    • Then the city should consider speed humps every 50′, that will help those distracted drivers to full stop.

      Add a good police presence in the intersection verifying that drivers obey the full stop sign and if they not, serve them with a nice ticket.

      With ten tickets, you get the problem solved.

  5. Why would they need to do a study when removing the traffic lights caused there to be a beyond ridiculous amount of collisions?
    Crap or get off the pot, put them back or don’t, but one thing is for certain, you do not need to burden the taxpayers with another unnecessary study!!

  6. The 99 percent of drivers who can read and heed a stop sign should not be influenced by the 1 percent that need to go back to driving school. If you cannot see those huge STOP SIGNS..quit driving …please.
    Mr Turco is only interested in this because the election is just around the corner. Did anyone hear anything constructive from him during the last 4 years ??

    • Great, at least you are in the same boat than me.
      There are more sex workers around that intersection, and on Albert, West and East, than you can see anywhere else in this city… Did Mr. Turco ever raised his voice? NO Hi can’t see… and probably that’s why he’d like the lights.
      Get those people that seat there for decades.
      This city will do nothing new, nothing different, while having the same old people with the same old mentality seating and spitting on taxpayers.

      Time is over.

  7. I few days ago, there was a accident at Goulais ave and Wallace Terrace. There are lights there. The lights didn’t prevent that accident.

    • In my opinion, it’s someone with a personal agenda and the one pushing the motion the last time… and having a photo show few days ago, was that Mr. Turco… that guy has been seating in council for more than thirty years, doing what?… counting traffic lights? There are more lights on Gore from Bay to Wellesley and from Wellesley to Andrew and Andrew to Bay, than there are lights in the whole town.

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