Algoma Acquires 55MW Combined Heat and Power Plant


Algoma announced today that it has augmented its power generating capacity with the acquisition of its neighbouring combined heat and power plant (formerly Lake Superior Power Plant). The 55MW facility will supplement Algoma’s current supply of power and steam for the steelworks operation.

Algoma CEO Kalyan Ghosh commented on the development, “The acquisition of a well maintained asset in such close proximity to our operation is very logical. Not only does it give Algoma the capability to satisfy its peak power requirements, but it significantly enhances our sustainability and reliability by offering some redundancy as several of our existing assets approach end of life.”

Mr. Ghosh added, “With this acquisition, and the potential for a further 71MW in sustainable power projects through the addition of a solar farm (50MW), a low pressure steam turbine (8 MW) in our steelmaking facility, and a top gas recovery turbine (13 MW) at our No. 7 blast furnace, Algoma is rapidly approaching near self-sufficiency in power generation.”

The combined heat and power plant has capacity to increase output to 110MW with the addition of a second gas turbine. Initially, the facility will operate intermittently, supplementing Algoma’s current power requirements.


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