Black janitors fired days after revealing human rights complaint: union


HALIFAX — Several black janitors say they have been fired from their cleaning jobs at a Halifax office building after accusing the property manager and an incoming contractor of racial discrimination.

The unionized workers of African descent clean Founders Square and say they were notified of their termination last Friday — a week before layoffs were to take effect.

They were set to lose their jobs at the end of the month, but say they were told their employment was ending sooner than expected.

Darius Mirshahi, an organizer with the Service Employees International Union Local 2, says the development comes after the group announced last Friday that it was filing a human rights complaint against the property manager, Armour Group.

Hours later, he says Armour Group notified the cleaning contractor that the seven or eight cleaners had been terminated and should not show up to work.

A company spokeswoman didn’t want to comment on the latest development, but said in a statement that it terminated its contract with the cleaning contractor over poor cleaning services.


The Canadian Press