City council wants to send a message to Trump


Because U.S. president Donald Trump has declared his intent to reduce the Great Lakes funding cleanup by 90 per cent, it has got enough attention by council that it is on the agenda for tomorrow’s city council meeting.

The present allocation is $300-Million.

Because this would affect negatively tourism, the environment, agriculture, drinking water, jobs, animal habitats and would halt the progress of anti-pollution initiatives, mayor Christian Provenzano is hoping to get the authorization to write letters to Canadian and American politicians about the matter.


    • The only problem is he changes his mind on almost a daily basis. What will tomorrow bring? I think Canada needs to put a stronger negotiator at the NAFA table and put a little pressure on Mr. Trump.

      • The negotiator from Canada has no idea about negotiation.
        The problem now is Ryan. Ryan is teaparty representing Wisconsin and the farmers in Wisconsin woul love to inundate Canada with two dollars a gallon milk and eight dollars a kilo baby swiss cheese, cheap chicken and a lot of eggs for the liberals.
        Supply Management are cartels of maffiossis manipulating the price of milk, cheese, chicken, eggs, and also bread… didn’t you get you 25 dollars Weston forgive card?
        Trump is asking for Canada to negotiate in good faith. 🇨🇦

  1. Yeah I get that water is important … In fact nothing can live without it, and I fully support your position here so maybe you could mention the whole steel tariff thing while you’re at it too? How steel is a huge part of your local economy. How Essar is in creditor protection, owes the city a ton in back taxes, is in the middle of a possible buyout, and negotiating a new contract with it’s union, and the fact that like 90% of its product is shipped to the US. 🤔

    • We shouldnt have to count on 1 industry to keep our city running. Taxes have been risen, services have been cut , but Essar Steel is still running the city. People in Sault Ste Marie have been carrying this losing company for to long. Its time they paid up( back taxes, last heard… 26 million) Give us back our city!

    • The Steel plant is a dinosaur. Sault Ste. Marie has relied only on it for way to long. If the Sault is going to survive it will have to diversify. The steel plant will not last forever, nothing does. The Sault should have been planning for its demise and trying to diversify since it opened. No one wants anything new. No one wants anything to change.

  2. Yea, the Sault populace, as diminishing as it is, halting their US shopping escapades, is going to put a SERIOUS dent in the US economy. Boy, oh boy, there is something in the water…try to think realistically…

  3. The one who is not fit for office is Trudeau !
    This PM is an embarrassment to our Country.
    I would not worry about TRUMP. You need to be worried about what the Liberals Federally and Provincislly are Doing .Our MP does not deserve to be re elected.Like his idiot leader
    He had sold us all out.That includes all First Nations ,Veterans and Seniors .These Liberals are all living in some kind of fantasy land. That is going create a lot of problems with the refugees .ISIS fighters who live amongst us .This is a disaster that has happened in Europe and its coming here.

  4. When Tim Horton’s complained about the raise in the minimum wage and threatened to eliminate jobs, the people of this city and all across Canada got together and boycotted the place. Since then, Tim’s has lost a lot of business. You no longer see the never ending line-ups of before. You don’t see the masses congregating there for their daily chats.
    I, admittedly, am the 1st one to go across the river to save a buck. If the people can do it to Tim Horton’s, we can do it to Trump. If he institutes the excessive taxes and duties on the Canadian products, it will be time to do it to him. Come on people, lets stand for Canada and back Canadian products. He will feel the pinch. And once we do it, all the other countries will too.

  5. I think most of us are tried of Trump and his boorish…demeaning…bullying tactics. I do not understand why the Americans have not started impeachment of this bozo. There is no doubt he has become totally unglued and is not fit for office.

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