City may look to revitalize Jamestown


After the W5 CTV program aired called Steel Town Down about the Sault’s opioid crisis, within which Jamestown was highlighted, council is going to discuss tonight possible rejuvenation of that neighbourhood.

This is also coming after Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre’s GIS department has been saying for a number of years that there is a lack of parks and outdoor recreation activities in Jamestown.

So the planning department with help from the Innovation Centre’s GIS department may be requested by council tonight to look at this revitalization, namely:

  • possible expansion of Anna Marinelli Park;
  • conversion of unused green space in the area for recreational use; and an examination of Jamestown in how best to use its public spaces


  1. I think the W5 program was a eye opener stop pushing our problems under the rug and do something the Sault has needed it for a long time a rehab center open up the old jail re-use some of the resources that still available, building etc, as gardens look pretty it’s doesn’t help the problem our ER nurse should be better trained to understand the these ppl have feelings all it take is one bad nurse for them to all look bad same goes for city police officers . All lives mater

  2. Parks are for kids not for opioid crisis . Safe injection sites, detox centres, more facilities and even transportation for those who want to get clean but can’t affor the drive/bus
    Plus more resources for mental health

    • Sometimes I wish I was. But too much falls on they’re shoulder ! I know we have a serious problem in the city. But landscaping is NOT the solution ! I believe we need more out reach support workers and again like I said detox facilities treatment centres more support for people who need that and again with the mental health they should have emergency services for people who want to clean up their act because the wait times for help in this city is ridiculous and not just that there should also be help for the families to be able to cope

    • Drug is a huge problem in the Soo what needs to happen is real long sentences for hard drugs So very sad to see happening to my home town The soo has had issues as long as I have been alive Stable employment is one of them drugs and alcohol are others

  3. That’s a great idea, give the pushers more places to sell to our kids. That is so ridiculous. What is the matter with this council? They definitely have to go, all of them, even the bully Provenano. The answer is to get the ok and money to build a resource centre like they have in Elliot Lake, The Oaks. Beg, borrow , or steal the money. Do whatever you have to too get it done.

  4. Snap out of it and come back to reality, city hall. The city is near broke and we’re almost losing compact cars daily in the massive pot holes that are abut to turn into total cave ins. The roads are in such poor shape that they will never catch up on fixing them, amongst many other neglected areas and infrastructure. Give your heads a shake and put any tax dollars you think you have available towards fixing the brutal roads.

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