Fundraisers to support local charities, by local students


Friday afternoon, I spent some time on my old stomping grounds, Sault College.

I met with some students currently taking the Public Relations and Event Management (PEM) postgraduate program, the same program that I graduated from almost one year ago.

They shared with me some of the exciting events that they are planning in the coming weeks.

The class has been divided into two groups – one planning a bowling event to raise funds for ARCH, and the other a 3 on 3 soccer tournament to raise money for the Neighbourhood Resource Centre (NRC).

When I took the program, my group actually created the NRC tournament, and we had so much fun with the event.

We also learned so much from Constable Troy Miller about how the money raised would be used at the NRC – primarily for food to feed the hungry who come in.

ARCH also gave us the grand tour of their amazing facility, where we saw the hard work done by volunteers and staff to provide quality end of life care, and the huge impact that fundraising has on the equipment and services they can offer.

Needless to say, these events, these charities, and the growth and development of the PEM students, are all things that we at SaultOnline value greatly.

That is why we are putting in a team for the bowling event (we encourage you to pledge us here!) and why we are sponsoring the soccer event.

We are so excited to be getting involved with the community and also supporting the students as they get hands-on experience in the public relations, communications, media, and event management fields.

We encourage you to get involved and give back to the community by contacting those who are running the events. Whether you are interested in putting in a team, sponsoring the event, or even just coming by to watch, all proceeds are going to two amazing causes, services that are community desperately need to continue operating.

For more information on the 3 on 3 for NRC event, click here.

3 on 3 for NRC
Poster courtesy of the Sault College Public Relations and Event Management Program

Fore more information on the Bowl for Arch event, click here.

2018 Bowl for Arch fundraiser
Poster courtesy of the Sault College Public Relations and Event Management Class