Johnny Reid rides the ‘soul train’ into Sault Ste. Marie! (14 photos)

johnny reid

Johnny Reid is no stranger to Sault Ste. Marie, having played 2012 and 2016 shows at the Essar Centre.

This time around, he stopped in up north to give us a taste of his 2017 album, ‘Revival.’

This album received two nominations for the 2018 JUNO Awards, including Album of the Year and Adult Contemporary Album of the year.

Reid’s show opened with Jessica Mitchell, a London Ontario native with soft country melodies, and a sad – but compelling – sound.

Reid lit up the show – literally – with dry ice and fire, drawing all eyes to him as he danced energetically around the stage alongside his band, The Soul Providers.

Concert goers also got a special appearance by Glass Tiger.

The Revival Tour will head down to Southern Ontario before hitting up shows in Eastern Canada.

We hope to play host to six-time JUNO Award winner and twenty-six tie CCMA Awards recipient again in the future!

For more fan fun, pictures, and a full list of upcoming dates and updates on Johnny Reid and his tour, click here.

For more information on the Essar Centre and future events being hosted at this venue, click here.



  1. He keeps coming back because he loves it here & the crowd loves him & his entertainment. Right John Naccarato, he puts on an amazing show doesn’t he? This was my 4th time seeing him & if he came back again, I’d go again. Everybody is always screaming there is nothing for anybody in this town but yet when we have these shows people still complain. You don’t like him or his music that’s fine but there are people that do & will support him no matter how many times he returns. Until We Meet Again Johnny…Sault Ste. Marie will always welcome you.

  2. How many attended this latest concert? I am surprised he can draw crowds after so many appearances. The city needs someone to go after new entertainment and make better use of the —— centre.

    • Hi Jocelyne Piche Fluter! Unfortunately we were unable to photograph Glass Tiger because our media rules were to only take photos during the first two songs of Jessica Mitchell and the first two songs of Johnny Reid. Since Glass Tiger came on later in the performance, media cameras were not permitted at that time.

  3. Bring bands like The Arkells, Arcade Fire, Breaking Benjamin just to name a few. You’ll pack the Essar Centre with bands like these. I would really be curious to know who does the promoting for the Essar Centre. They clearly don’t know what people want and how to draw entertainment to the Soo. Get someone in there that knows what they are doing please.

  4. Can we please get better acts other than these lame country bands no one knows or cares about. This city is loaded with metal and rock fans. More of that and less sadness please and thank you.

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