Local 2251 transit mechanics reach agreement

sault transit
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The city and Local 2251 transit mechanics came to a resolution on January 15, 2018 which the membership did not accept. They later met with a conciliator where they reached an accepted agreement on February 23, 2018.

A survey of Northern comparators was conducted and this general wage increase is consistent with the comparators. Notably, most other properties have transit mechanics as part of a larger bargaining group. Transit mechanic wage rates are lower than most comparators.

A one year deal was reached inclusive of a 1.75 per cent wage increase for 2018. Other minor benefit enhancements are offset mechanic position that has sat vacant since October 2017. The vacant position will be replaced at a lower wage rate as a mechanic apprentice.

This matter may be discussed at city council on Monday as it was in the over 1000 page agenda.


  1. The City agreed to an increase of 1.75% for transit mechanics, but only offer the EMS .25%. Just goes to show you how much City Hall values the EMS!!

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