Maker North Inc. announces new space for all things ‘maker’

maker north
"Seniors, builders, innovators, creators, artists, youth, we want to offer something that the average everyday person could use to come in and tinker."

Maker North Inc. has been doing prototyping, design work, and 3D printing, creating innovative products for Science North and Algoma University for a time now.

But they are ready to grow into an innovative maker space to respond directly to our local need – to diversify our local economy and start looking to the future, the digital economy.

In May 2018, Helen Scott, Michael Sacchetta, and Joe Bertrand will open their doors to a maker space at 55 Church Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

The partners each bring together a unique and distinct range of skills to the table. Sacchetta brings innovation, technical knowledge, and maker skills, while Scott acts as the guardrail, keeping the project focused, and Bertrand planted the seed – the idea of creating a maker space.

“We don’t have a lot of overlapping skills, we match together like a puzzle,” Scott told SaultOnline of her business partners and friends.

But one thing they do share is the belief that jobs need to be developed on the future, as well as a sense of community-mindedness that gives this business project the potential to have positive social impacts on our city.

“We want to break down the silos between public, private, and the future,” said Bertrand, “elements like employment, labour, creativity, and socialization include all different groups regardless of age. I consider this space to be a social machine, designed to allow people to bring in ideas at a fair price and equalize the playing field, allowing anyone to harness their skills.”

Their maker space members will have access to 3D printers, laser cutters, CNCs, woodworking equipment, photography, fine arts, crafting tools, and much more.

“We live in a community that has such an incredible creative spirit and so much entrepreneurial potential but people tend to get stuck in a lack of resources. We want to start breaking down some of those barriers,” he explained.

Maker North will offer memberships to individuals, families and businesses by the day, month, or year. They intend to offer summer camps, school field trips, and homeschooler programs that will opportunities for fun and growth.

The social aspect of this space will promote networking and collaboration, which could lead to some pretty unique partnerships for space users.

Centrally located at the waterfront on Church Street, directly behind the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, this is a space where creation and collaboration will be supported by knowledge, tools, and resources. “It’s all about cross-pollination and networking,” said Scott, “People will have the ability to combine ideas since they will all be in the same space.”

Bertrand, Sacchetta, and Scott were kind enough to give SaultOnline an exclusive sneak-peak into their coming space.

I was so intrigued to peruse the massive space, where traditional and technological arts have the potential and the possibility to amalgamate into something amazing.

“I am interested to see how people combine the different things we offer to create something new,” Scott explained to me.

I have to say, I am pretty excited to see what kind of unique products and pieces of artwork come out of this space as well.

Maker North will provide training for those who are experimenting with new equipment or processes, workshops for all experience levels, and access to the latest technology and cutting edge tools.

“As you create, we stand ready to help,” the partners say.

Maker North Inc. is a prototyping and advanced manufacturing business located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing, is a growing industry around the world. From humble beginnings, a workshop behind the home of one of our founders, the organization has grown to become a leader in advanced manufacturing in Northern Ontario.

Right now, local entrepreneurs have to manufacture their projects elsewhere.

But we need jobs here. That is a concern that Saultites have struggled with for years. A concern that has indeed seen an influx of younger people leaving the city to pursue work in Southern Ontario.

Maker North Inc. has found the answer, and they are determined that their facility will act as a solution, in part, to this issue, creating a place where individuals and companies alike will eventually be able to manufacture here locally, making it a one-stop-shop, from idea, to prototype, to market.

They will also be able to assist businesses who can’t always incubate in the traditional sense, taking clients all the way through the creation and manufacturing process.

“As we continue to grow, we offer resources and jobs to the people of Sault Ste. Marie that support and encourage the growth of a thriving, creative, technical, and socially minded community. As residents of the Sault, we seek to give back to our community and inspire positive change,” the team stated.

Maker North looks forward to opening their doors and your imaginations!

For more information on Maker North, their soon-to-be-announced grand opening, and their savvy creators, check them out on Facebook!