MNRF’s first UAS finds new home at Bushplane Museum! (14 photos)

bushplane drone
The Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services (AFFES) First Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) will now be on display at the Bushplane Heritage Centre Museum.

The Bushplane Heritage Centre Museum officially welcomed the very first UAS (Unmanned Arial System) to it’s collection this afternoon. They celebrated with their partners on this project, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (AFFES – Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services branch).

Director of AFFES Rick Dunning could not contain his excitement to retire the first UAS at the Bushplane, a place he considers to be “a home away from home.”

He stated, “The Bushplane reminds us of where we started. We never know where we are going to go if we don’t recognize where we come from – and that is what we are here celebrating today.”

Bushplane Curator Todd Fleet explained the significance of having this equipment in our local museum,

“Having the UAS here represents the next steps in this changing field and the vital work that the MNRF does. It really shows the evolution of technology in forest, fire, and resource management. It allows us to keep pace with technology and progress and actually have those records to present what is the now and what is in the past.”

It is also a great incentive for people to come out and support the museum, since UAS and drone-type technology is becoming hugely popular and exciting to learn about, especially as they actually serve a purpose in environmental resource management and forest fire prevention.

The drone has become less elusive – with both recreational uses and professional military functionality.

The information regarding each drone was provided to me by Mike Hamilton, a Conservation Officer with the MNRF, who came out today to take part in the celebration!

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