MP Sheehan issues statement on President Trump’s announcement which excludes Canada from steel tariffs


Member of Parliament Terry Sheehan issued a statement yesterday’s announcement regarding Canada’s exclusion from American tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. “It has been satisfying to see the work by governments, Algoma, Tenaris, USW, the Chamber of Commerce and the local community, come together, paying off with this extraordinary result.”

Almost a year ago, MP Sheehan made a pre-emptive strike in the campaign to fend off steel tariffs, visiting Washington D.C. on two separate occasions for several days of meetings each time with members of Congress and Senators, members of the American Steel Caucus, The American Steel Producers Association, the USW, and the American Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.

“I’m proud that our prime minister stood up for steel on many occasions, as did several cabinet ministers,” Sheehan said. That campaign continues to this day, on the phone and on the ground, as MP Sheehan and his colleagues continue to work with American lawmakers to keep all decision-makers informed, so they can make evidence-based decisions in the best interests of the Canadian-American steel supply chain.

At the same time, it is imperative that we remain vigilant. We must continue to hold the line, so that Canada remains excluded from these tariffs permanently.

Any of the proposed tariffs would have done harm to the steel industry and its workers on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border.

The United States and Canada share a fully integrated steel market that benefits both countries and has been a great example of balanced trade between two allies.

Canada has been, and always will be, a safe and secure supplier of steel for the U.S, which makes the claim that a tariff should be imposed based on “national security concerns” entirely inappropriate. The only acceptable outcome was, and is, a full exemption of Canada from tariffs under “Section 232”.

Any re-introduction of tariffs into the North America Free Trade Agreement negotiations is unacceptable.


    • The statement does say the 30 days can be extended…dependant on how the NAFA negotiations are going. Trump is now holding a gun to our heads. If he does not get what HE WANTS…we will be charged a tariff. This is not a way to treat a country like Canada who has stood beside the americans in every war. The bullying continues and what is Mr Trudeau going to do about it?

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