Officers Seize Small Amount of Carfentanyl


In April of 2017 officers with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Services Drug Enforcement Unit seized a small amount of a substance believed to be fentanyl during a criminal investigation.

Officers then submitted a sample of the substance to Health Canada to be analyzed.  In March of this year, the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service received a report back from Health Canada indicating that the substance contained a mixture of caffeine, Fentanyl and Carfentanyl.

This is the first time that Carfentanyl has been seized in our community.  Carfentanyl is an analogue of Fentanyl that is100 times more powerful than Fentanyl.

If you suspect that a person has consumed illicit narcotics and is suffering from an overdose please contact emergency medical services immediately.  Early signs of overdose may include;

Slow heart rate,
Trouble with breathing,
Clammy cold skin; and,
Trouble walking or talking
Members of the public are reminded of the dangers of opioid use and of the fact that it is impossible to know exactly what is contained in illicit narcotics.  Officers with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service continue to work with our partners at the Drug Strategy so that we may reduce the harm caused by substance abuse in our city.

Friends and family members of persons known to use illicit drugs are encouraged to inform themselves about the availability and use of Naloxone.  Anyone with any questions about how to use or obtain naloxone is asked to contact the Sault Ste. Marie Drug Strategy.


  1. Almost a year ago police seized a ‘small’ amount of Carfentanyl.. suggesting that this drug mysteriously ‘arrived’ in our community. Since this Vice documentary aired I’ve noticed a huge amount of back-peddling, finger pointing & blame being pointed at first to a ‘synthetic’ Fentanyl imported from China & now at Carfentanyl mysteriously arriving from who knows where.

    I manage a small 40 unit low-income ‘transitional’ facility here in our community.

    When I clean a unit out, I’m not finding evidence of any ‘new’ or ‘mysterious’ substances.. I’m finding pill bottles written clearly with the client & doctor’s name for 2-3 hundred opiate pills, Percocet, Morphine etc. There’s usually evidence of cocaine & heroin, but mostly of pill bottles & entire empty Fentanyl boxes containing 25/ patches scattered around the room.. one of these ‘patches’ if extracted & injected is enough to kill every one in the building.

    I’m no doctor, but I see absolutely no reason.. other then profit, for a person diagnosed with ‘Fibromyalgia’ to be prescribed an entire box of Fentanyl & 2-300 Percents for ‘Break-through’ pain.

    Some doctors have been investigated & there’s a few currently still being investigated for over prescribing opiates. I believe these doctors need to be held ‘criminally’ accountable, not helped in covering up what clearly has become a facilitated ‘crisis’ & if these investigations lead to misleading information from big pharmaceutical companies then ‘so be it’ let’s hold them criminally accountable too.

    Let the ‘evidence’ lead the investigation & let the blame fall squarely where it belongs.. we should never, in good faith allow our agencies or institutions to ‘exploit’ a crisis that involves even one member of our community’s most vulnerable populations.

    Strange daze indeed..

  2. Without the consent and/or protection of the some members of the Police Force the drug pushers can’t move around.
    You can argue all you want but that’s a reality that shouldn’t be ignored.
    Without stiffer penalties and no probation for drug pushers, the situation will only head for the worst.
    Once that issue is dealt with accordingly, then the judiciary can move over to prescription drugs.

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