Ontario Premier Wynne calls Tory leader Doug Ford’s comments on pot ‘reckless’


TORONTO — Ontario’s premier is calling Doug Ford’s comments on marijuana sales “reckless” after the Tory leader suggested legalized pot be sold in places other than government-run stores.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says Ontarians don’t want “cannabis sold next to candy bars” in corner stores.

Ford, who was elected leader of the province’s Progressive Conservatives late Saturday, has told media outlets he’s open to greater privatization of marijuana sales, adding that the government should move slowly on the issue

Wynne says her Liberal government did a lot of research before deciding on the plan to closely regulate the sale of cannabis once it’s legalized this year.

Ontario plans to roll out an initial wave of 40 government-run stores this summer, which are expected to grow in number to 150 by the end of 2020.

In January, the Ontario government inked a deal to use Shopify Inc.’s e-commerce platform for cannabis sales online.



The Canadian Press


  1. by allowing only LCBO selling cannabis it will diffently drive up the black market however having licensed dispensaries will create competition therefore almost deleting the black market… the liberals will tell you that opening up the regulated free market will allow kids to obtain cannabis however retail stores who sell cigarettes has proven that buying cigarettes under the age is almost non existence because of the heavy fines retail stores get if selling to underage people..

  2. This woman has no room to criticize anyone else she has done damage to Ontario that we may never recover from, that`s the Liberal way, federally & provincially.

    • Brett Davey Do you mean the feds that have put Canada into billions of dollars in debt from a balanced budget, reward terrorists with millions of dollars, I could go on and on, but I won’t waste anymore of my time.

  3. The funny thing is that the idiotic Liberal governments at both levels want to legalize pot all the while slowly criminalizing tobacco products. Tell me the insanity on that one please.

  4. “Premier Kathleen Wynne says Ontarians don’t want “cannabis sold next to candy bars” in corner stores.”

    What she is too stupid to realize, is that Ontarians don’t want Wynne’s government in charge of destroying our province any longer.

  5. The Wynnedbag is beyond reckless in squandering billions of our tax dollars. We need to see that she is put out to pasture real soon.
    Enough is enough.

  6. For sure….you wouldn’t want a legal substance sold legally by other vendor……..you need to be protected by the government from the abuse of……………….legal substances.

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