1. It’s literally the acronym – with a circle around it. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    Shouldn’t it at least of been green?

  2. Wow.. $650,000 for this ad !!! And some Ontarians still want to believe that this wynne liberal government is close in the polls; wynne is a smart cookie and she’s an expert at campaigning. Folks, this wynne liberal government has put Ontario in the poor house, wynne has made Ontario the most indebted jurisdiction in the entire civilized world. Folks, why wynne is still even considered a contender speaks volumes for the level of tolerance and understanding by some of the voters in this province. But, of course, the ones who always have their hand out, wynne is the clear choice. It’s the Ontarians who have to pay the bills that should be outraged. Time will tell. God help us if enough voters see wynne as their choice.

    • Why do you find it necessary ,Frank, to tell us he same thing everyday? We know you hate the Liberals…so why not tell us how your CONSERVATIVES are going to get us out of this mess. You seem to give us the impression that Mr. Romano and the Conservatives have some sort of magic formula…PLEASE SHARE.

      • He is just trying to remind any libtards to come to their senses before we don’t have a pot left to pee in. One thing is for sure any votes for other than the PC are votes for the libtards, which anyone in their right mind would not support at this point after seeing the ongoing ridiculous reckless spending and endless lies by them.
        Wynne is done like a roast timed by the smoke detector.

        • this issue goes back to the Harper government when they started the sell-off of our Hydro One .. why don’t you mention that .. your right after a PC and liberal government privatization of our assets like Hydro One or the PC government green energy act .” Harper promises clean energy projects across Canada. Conservative leader says all regions of Canada will be able to apply for funding for clean energy projects. Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivers a speech at a campaign event in Guelph Ont., on Monday, April 4, 2011.” major FAIL .. how soon we forget,,, lets be honest .. i voted librael all of my life. but its time for change .,,, so its time to vote NDP what worse can it get . we know what these parties will do ,,

          • You might as well vote for the Green party or not at all as it would just be a waste of your time and another wasted vote.

      • dear mr/ms b: Everyone has a choice on who they will vote for. I’m simply expressing my opinion on why wynne would be a disaster. But if you, or anyone else in Ontario needs to see the laundry list of reasons not to vote for wynne, then it would be a waste of time to defend my opinion. As you must know, those reasons include billions of taxpayer dollars blown, by wynne, in the wind. And the interest on wynne’s debt is $1 BILLION / month. I just hope that voters are not so disgruntled and deeply disturbed, by wynne’s libs, to the point of giving up on this Province and choosing not to vote on June 7. Good luck to all of us…………..

    • Isn’t it endemic? Seems like big government and even some big corporations nowadays can’t do great things, only bland things. There are clearly unimaginative people making these decisions.

    • Paul Bulas I think it speaks to corporate greed.

      Rather than empowering the next generation by valuing their creative abilities the government paid some white collared dinks to come up with a bland and lifeless logo.

      Wouldn’t want to give creative positions to those full of life and creativity when it takes the dollars out of the pockets of the wealthy.

    • I said it before. When Mr. Ford talks about budget reduction and management during the next election and all the other candidates call him crazy……….REMEMBER THIS. REMEMBER THE RUBBER DUCK. They’re counting on you to forget….

    • Bill Kennedy the Duck generated millions of dollars in revenue so it was a good investment IMO.

      I had planned to vote PC but I cannot support Doug Ford when he believes children like mine should not be seen nor heard.

  3. The level of creativity is just outstanding with that logo. The LCBO regularly uses the organic symbols on their logos and packaging I.e. Grapes, hop vines and flowers, barrels etc. It would only
    make sense to use an international symbol that denotes weed in the logo…anyone know what that might be? Three letters from the English language is a pretty lame … It’s like they came up with the idea while totally baked and someone added, “now draw a circle around the whole thing” and they all laughed and stared at it for hours.

    • I just read the branding and logo etc. cost us taxpayers $650, 000. (!!!) I wonder what marketing agency got payed that much to.do.that.logo lol ! ??

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