Updated: River Valley Park – Up Against the Ropes

River Valley Park

Residents of River Valley Park – a mobile home community in Aweres Township recently  received hand delivered letters from Algoma Public Health.

A resident of the park provided Saultonline with a copy of the letter.

Saultonline received the following statement from Algoma Public Health following an inquiry into the unfolding developments at River Valley Park.

‘As this is currently in the court system, there is no other information we can provide you.’
Leo Vecchio –  Manager, Communications – Algoma Public Health



  1. The health unit has given this guy every chance to rectify the problems but it seems that he has no intention of doing so or he would have done it by now. $400-$500 thousand dollars is an awful lot of money.

    Something stinks there besides the septic system, though, the way the sale of the park was done tells me that the former owners pulled some strings to have the health unit temporarily overlook the ongoing sewer issues to get rid of the park without having to deal with this mess themselves or the sale wouldn’t have happened at all.
    There should be a thorough investigation into this sale. The new owner of the park should have had a legal team on this long ago, maybe he does, I hope so for his sake and the sake of the residents.

  2. The owner has been given a lot of time to get this under control…shame on him for not protecting these owners who are now being forced out. How does one go about relocating a trailer?

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