Sault Drivers Hosed at the Pumps Again


Funny how gas prices can jump a full 10 cents overnight but it only comes down in 1 cent intervals. If you’re needing to fill up today in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario expect to pay an extra 10 cents a litre depending where you stop for fuel.

Most major outlets have increased prices to $1.32.9 overnight, from $122.9 yesterday.

The average price of fuel in the Sault has remained constant at around $1.23.9 for about 3 months, it came down slightly to $1.22.9 last week.

Esso, Petro Canada, The Flying J and Shell stations all jumped their prices overnight. The lowest price currently posted as of 10:15am was $1.22.2 at Circle K.

Comparing prices to Sudbury’s lowest price posted Wednesday morning at $1.20.4 meanwhile in North Bay the lowest prices is posted at $1.12.7  , 20 cents a litre cheaper than the Sault. Timmins is posting fuel at $1.33.4 a litre Wednesday morning.

The highest price in the Greater Toronto Area was posted this morning at $1.22 a litre.


  1. Well…. we can gripe about it online and do nothing, or we can actually commit time and effort and start protesting these “social gouging” gas hikes. No need to look at the news, I can tell you exactly what caused the hike. After the minimum wage increase, there was a small pause for the economy to catch up, roughly 3 months as quoted by this article. Now that it has, we are back to where we left off. Guess who got paid? mothers allowance (or whatever it is called now). Right around this time of the month those cheques are out. They (companies) know that you absolutely NEED to spend that money on basic necessity’s (kids are expensive) so they will inflate prices to increase sales. And what are you going to do? load up a car full of children to go across the river, or shop locally.

    In order for things to change we need to change them. Want to impact their operations? Protest outside of a busy gas station, be seen, let them know that this type of social gouging is unfair and is ultimately hurting Canadians ability to “shop locally”. We as Canadians have the right to peaceful protest, yet we do not exercise that right.

  2. I’ve been buying locally for a little more than a year, back across I go, maybe I’ll start looking at groceries over there too!

  3. Has any reason been offered for this HUGE hike? I have searched the news channels and can find nothing that would support a hike….guess its GREED again.

  4. I saw this coming as the U.S. raised their interest rates this morning and it was said we would pay more at the pumps and more for food. What a joke!

  5. The Federal AND Provincial governments will do nothing about this price gouging…THEY REAP MORE TAX DOLLARS !!! Boycotting Sault operators is the only tactic we have. Gassing up in the Michigan Sault creates savings worth the trip.

  6. Easy fix, boycott all Canadian gas stations and fuel up across. With bridge and exchange you are looking at .85/L. That’s if you actually want something done about. Talking does nothing

    • People seem to like getting hosed because they keep feeding the gougers. They either have too much money and don’t care what they pay for fuel, or are too lazy to bother going for a short drive for substantial savings on every fill up, especially those with pickups, suvs, etc. I’ve been doing my part for many years boycotting the crazy pump prices here. It would only take half of the consumers not putting up with this to put a hurting on them but they wont so the gougers continue to gouge and it will continue for decades upon decades.
      You are right, talk won’t fix anything.

  7. I live north of Kingston Ont and our gas jumped to 1.29/L.. Never buy gas here..Always buy at the RES.. 1.06/L..Why doesn’t your Res start open there doors for business. The Mohawks down here is welcome for business . They have a whole community with everything for taxes and great prices on everything. Garden River Res is missing a golden opportunity!!!

  8. They are bending people over at the pumps yet again, who you ask?? Well, McGouger Energy, of course! Soon they will be mailing everyone their own personalized tube of Vaseline to use before they go and squeeze the trigger. I refuse to buy a drop of gasoline on this side of the border until there is some fairness in the pricing.
    They do not realize just how much else people are picking up while over there, at a bargain no less, taking the business away from the stores on this side of the river. Maybe some day they will smarten up but I highly doubt it. Gouging is in their blood.

  9. Prices has jump 10 cents at all retail out?,,,,,,,, of every single oil companies?,,,,,,,,,,, and there’s no price fixing?

    There’s an election coming June 7th. If you’re thinking of electing a Conservative, Liberal and or NDP MPP it only means that everything is OK,,,,,no point changing anything.
    Of course, if you think things should change you all may want to think of changing the way you vote.
    Perhaps sending a different representative to Queen’s Park won’t change anything either but it is sure to send a very loud message.
    Next election you have an option to change “some” things by voting NOP.
    Think about it.

  10. I just passed Canadian Tire gas pumps and they were full as the price is still $1.22. Travel to Esso just further down and it was completely empty! Hmmmm…

  11. Do the math.
    Half ton truck-36 US gallons =136 Litres X1.329 = $ 181.11
    36 @$ 2.63 (Meyers today)=$94.68 USx$1.30 Exch = $(123.08)
    2xbridge toll using prox card values = $ ( 7.36)
    Total savings Canadian = $ 50.67 x twice per month $ 101.34
    Until recently we have supported our local operators, but over $1,200.00 per year is a lot to give away for anyone.

  12. Wow. Looks like a trip to the Sault is not in the card for my family this summer. I thought we had it bad here in Winnipeg where it just went over a dollar in the last month and is currently sitting at $112.4. When gas is over a buck I run my van on fumes. Most winnipegers do. We are cheap, that’s how we keep gas prices down 😂. If I lived I the Sault I would walk everywhere.

  13. Who is the biggest supplier in the area, and the same company controls the prices? Someone should examine price fixing for gas in SSM but I guess no politician has the balls. Even with the exchange rate for the dollar and the bridge fare, I still save $10 per fill up. And when I get my Myers card I will save even more.

  14. Why does Sault Ste Marie pay the most for gas compared to other cities in Ontario? Corporate greed by our local distributor/supplier. Time to start crossing the bridge again

  15. This will drive more customers to Soo Michigan for gas…it is the only retaliation we have. There is no mention of WHY the big jump….purely greed . Last week I bought gas at a small station on highway 17 east near Elliot for $117.9

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