Scientist Bill Nye prods Trudeau to explain rationale behind Kinder Morgan


OTTAWA — A popular TV science personality put Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the spot today to explain Canada’s approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which if built will increase the flow of oil from Alberta to the Pacific coast.

American scientist Bill Nye asked Trudeau to explain the Kinder Morgan decision in front of university students, saying later that he was surprised no one in the audience asked about pipelines.

Nye, best known as the host of the 1990s PBS show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” cited a study by a group called The Solutions Project that concluded Canada could live entirely without fossil fuels if it acted to fully embrace renewable energy sources.

Trudeau said he agrees there is tremendous potential in Canada to develop renewal power from wind, solar, geothermal and as-yet-unimagined sources.

But he added that, in the meantime, Canada still needs to get its fossil fuels to market in the safest way possible — and doing so requires that pipelines be built.

Nye said he was encouraged by respected environmental scientists to speak out against the Kinder Morgan pipeline while with Trudeau, which he didn’t do on stage.

But the mechanical engineer later made clear to reporters he believes Alberta’s oilsands are an inefficient source of energy.


The Canadian Press


  1. trudeau continues to talk the talk……………..but, folks, when is junior finally going to walk the walk. I suspect justin will, when pigs fly. Apparently, we’re losing 43 million dollars a day because this pm will not act. Seriously. It took trudeau 5 days to respond to Trump’s breaking news that he was putting 25% tariffs on all foreign steel, including Canada. I just wonder how long will it take for justin’s supporters to finally see the light.

    • He is a terrible p.m……but…Andy Sheer…who heads up the Conservatives is just a little too laid back. Has he ever raised in voice in protest of Trudeau? They should have picked a more forceful leader of their party.

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