Searchmont Skiers Win Big in Elliot Lake!


by Christina Foster (special to

Your Searchmont Ski Runners had excellent results at the Joe Sarich Classic in Elliot Lake this weekend. Forty of Searchmont’s alpine skiers under the age of 12 took part in a two-day event which featured a slalom and a giant slalom (GS) race. These young athletes competed in four different divisions; Under Six (U6), Under Eight (U8), Under 10 (U10) and Under 12 (U12). While the race recognized everyone who finished in the top ten, fifteen members of the local team placed in the top three of their respective categories in the slalom, while sixteen gained top three in the GS!

The girls took many of the top places in the slalom on Saturday. Kassandra Real placed 1st in the U6 division. Maelee Lesnick, Teagan Derbyshire, and Maggie Hendrie took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively in the U8 category while Molly Filice finished 4th. In the U10 category Kara DeRosario placed first with Katelyn Real and Lara Fraser placed 2nd and 3rd. Malaya Schikofsky placed 4th, Elinor Bateman came in 6th, and Ella Filice placed 7th. Emily Edgar, Emily Bateman, Lily Real, and Miila Gordon finished 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th in the U12 division.

The boys also brought home a lot of hardware in the slalom event. Beau Derbyshire placed 1st in the U6 division. In the U8 category Searchmont took all 5 top spots. Reid Gordon placed 1st, Bobby Real was 2nd, Isaak Biemann placed 3rd, Richard Cond took 4th and Lucas McMaster placed 5th. Daniel Fraser took home a ribbon for 8th place. In the U10 category Brady Real placed 1st and Gabriel Bifano placed second. Blake Cond was 4th, Cruz Dias was 5th, Colton DeRosario was 6th and Emmett Kreps was 8th. The oldest of the boys were U12’s of which Jack Nori took 1st place, Johnny Lesnick placed 2nd and Jacob Nielsen placed 8th.

The faster GS race was held on Sunday under sunny skies and had similar results to the slalom. Female racer Kassandra Real came first in the U6 division, while in the U8 category, Searchmont took the top four spots with Maelee Lesnick, Teagan Derbyshire, Maggie Hendrie, and Molly Filice finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. In U10 division Searchmont also took the top four spots. Kara DeRosario placed 1st, Katelyn Real was 2nd, Lara Fraser was 3rd, Elinor Bateman was 4th, and Ella Filice was 7th. Emily Edgar placed 3rd in the U12 girls, Lily Real placed 5th, Tia Park Lee placed 7th, and Miila Gordon placed 8th.

In the male U6 division, Beau Derbyshire placed 1st. In the U8 division, Reid Gordon, Bobby Real, and, Richard Cond earned 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively. Lucas McMaster placed 5th, Caleb Culina placed 6th, Isaac Biemann placed 8th, and Daniel Fraser placed 10th. The U10 category Brady Real placed 1st. Gabe Bifano was close behind in 2nd place, Blake Cond was in 4th. Cruz Dias was in 5th, Colton DeRosario was 6th, and Emmett Kreps was 7th. Jack Nori placed 1st in the U12 division and Johnny Lesnick was 3rd.

Searchmont Ski Runners would like to thank all of the coaches who accompanied them to Elliot Lake and especially their head coach Dave Derbyshire for his commitment to excellence in this program.