Self-love and self-care at Soo Holistic Healing Fair (12 photos)

holistic healing fair

Despite the fact that we may have more snow coming this week, the Soo’s Spring Holistic Healing Fair, an Awakening Energy Event, filled the Machine Shop with fresh spring vibes this weekend.

Guests and attendees had the opportunity to explore all the different ways that they could pursue a fresh start through natural healing and self-care.

This vendor fair consisted of over 30 vendors, many of whom offered samples products and sessions as well as held draws for freebies and the chance to win gift cards and other products.

Admission was free, and the first 50 attendees got a Wellness Swag Bag!

Despite arriving pretty soon after 10am, when the event began, I did not manage to snag a bag.

That would be because within 10 minutes of the door opening, this fair was jam-packed with people looking to educate themselves on alternate methods of healing.

The energy in the room was truly astounding, as everyone in attendance – whether they be a vendor or an attendee – shared the same goal.

To seek cruelty-free, environmentally friendly products. To support local businesses. To broaden their horizons on paying it forward and spirituality.

To seek positive change.

Whether you seek to heal or improve your quality of life mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, there was a little something for everyone at the Holistic Healing Fair.

Practitioners of energy healing, reflexology, nutrition, reiki, as well as estheticians, card readers, artists, gemologists, craftspeople, authors, writers, clothing, health, and gourmet food associates, and a slew of guides from various backgrounds were present to share their knowledge and inspire our local community on how to grow more conscious of their daily habits for a better future.

If you missed today’s event, don’t sweat it. Awakening Energy Events will be hosting another Holistic Healing Fair in Sault Ste. Marie, ‘raising vibrations, one city at a time,’ in September.

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