Senate backs bill to legalize recreational marijuana


OTTAWA — The Senate has given approval in principle to the Trudeau government’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana.

Bill C-45 passed at second reading this evening by a vote of 44-29.

The approval comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reminded the senators that his government was elected on a promise to legalize recreational marijuana.

That was seen as a subtle warning that they should not attempt to thwart the will of Canadians or the government they elected.

The uncertainty was triggered by Conservative senators, who were hoping to deliver a double-barrelled embarrassment to Trudeau: upending one of his signature election promises, while demonstrating the folly of his efforts to reform the Senate into a less partisan, more independent chamber.

Earlier in the day, Trudeau said the criminal cannabis regime has not protected Canadian children, who are among the highest under-age users of marijuana in developed countries, and has put up to $7 billion every year in the pockets of organized crime.

Ordinarily, a second reading vote is not a big hurdle and is dispensed with on the basis of a quick voice vote — after which the bill is sent to committee for closer scrutiny, witness testimony and any proposed amendments before returning to the Senate for a final debate and vote.

But in the case of Bill C-45, the 33 Conservative senators had vowed to vote en masse against it at second reading.

The Canadian Press


  1. Priorities…..priorities…. How will this liberal government find the time to solve minor issues like pipelines that will create 1000’s of jobs when they have so much on their plate. I mean, marijuana, gender equality, whether we should be referred to as mr. mrs. or miss and giving $$$ millions to groups outside of our Country. trudeau needs to should his generosity with taxpayers $$$ money so he could win the Nobel Peace prize for being a really nice and benevolent character. So much to do and so little time to do it before the next federal election. But, folks out there still think trudeau is the best thing that has ever happened to Canadian politics. With our mounting debt, your children and grand children will thank you……….some day.
    Hope everyone has a great week end !!!

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