Sheehan Relentless on Steel Industry Advocacy

Terry Sheehan - Steel

Ottawa, ON – During the Question Period session in the House of Commons today, MP Sheehan addressed a question to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the government’s actions to strengthen the steel industry.

“U.S. tariffs are unacceptable and the prime minister acted quickly and forcefully through concrete actions, to ensure the tariff would not proceed. Can the Prime Minister update this house about what actions the government is taking to strengthen the steel and aluminum industries?” asked Sheehan.

Sheehan has been a force of advocacy for the Sault Ste. Marie steel industry, when in Ottawa he continually promotes the message that support for steel is critical-“there is no room for error on this issue.” he states.

The Prime Minister responded by thanking Mr. Sheehan for his hard work on the steel file:

“I thank the member from the Sault for his question, for his hard work as steel caucus co-chair.  Earlier this month I stood with Liberal Members and workers…to defend this vital industry from unfair steel and aluminum tariffs.

Trudeau continued: “We announced measures to further strengthen our enforcement regime against unfairly cheap foreign steel…and will continue to fight for our aluminum and steel workers who are such a vital part of their communities and Canada’s economy.” Prime Minister Just Trudeau


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