Splash pad design to be discussed at city council


The splash pad sub-committee along with city staff have been working on the various aspects of the development of the splash pad to be located at Bellevue Park.

Request for proposals (RFP) for the design, delivery, and installation of the splash pad portion of the project closed on February 28th, 2018.

The four RFPs came from:

A.B.C. Recreation Ltd., Paris, ON
Acapulco Pools Limited, Kitchener, ON
CRCS Recreation, Sudbury, ON
Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc., Elmvale, ON

A number of factors were taken into consideration when reviewing and evaluating the proposals:

  • The design and layout of the Splash Pad area must incorporate the principle of “inclusive” or “play for all”. All disabilities, as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code, were considered to ensure the play space will satisfy the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA).
  • Play zones including, but not limited to, a high action area, intermediate play area and a toddler area. High action water play features shall be incorporated in a manner which does not compromise the play facility use by very young children.
  • Components should be colorful and the design should exhibit a smooth play transition from one play component to the next; exhibiting overall continuity, high quality, variety of play for users of varied abilities.
  • The community survey results were used to develop the RFP and as reference point when evaluating the components included in the designs.
  • Maintenance, warranty, and materials were also taken into consideration.


  1. Do any of our councillors have a background in playground / splashpad design? If not, don’t waste oxygen talking about it. Vote for or against and move on. I’ll watch just to see which councillors think they’re smarter than the experts.

  2. We voters are always stating the fact that we need new blood at city hall. Unfortunately in many wards folks are not inclined to step up to the plate and run in their wards. We need to woo some strong candidates in each ward. It is a well known fact that a lot of family time is given up when someone chooses to enter politics. I would hope that there are a few citizens ready to make a difference at city hall.
    The other problem is that many of us just simple vote the same group back in. I have seem some very good candidates not get elected. WE DO NEED CHANGE AT CITY HALL.

  3. Give em a water park? What the hell are they going to do after a year when they outgrow it? Give em some slides (nothing fancy) just a few, with maybe a wave pool. Somewhere families can go.

    • That would be cost prohibitive for a free splash park. I was born and raised in Brampton where splash pads are very popular and let me tell you age is not the restriction only imagination.

    • Most cities do and have had them for years , it’s too bad that it’s taken this long for the Soo to catch up , I think we need fresh blood in city hall or we are going to end up being a retirement city …

    • Exactly, they also need to look into the opioid crisis in this city and to bring in more retail stores … jobs, revenue etc . Espanola even has a Giant Tiger lol then maybe people would not travel to Sudbury or the States to shop

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