St. Francis students have a blast with Motivate2Skate


The Soo Pee Wee arena was buzzing with excitement, as rosy-cheeked students raced around the ice laughing and playing this morning.

Motivate2Skate, an initiative by Community First Credit Union, made this fun-filled morning possible for St. Francis school.

This fall, Community First looked to the community to donate their gently used skates. Our caring citizens were eager to do their part, allowing Community First to collect over 100 pairs.

This allowed Community First to host the Motivate2Skate events for two local schools, consisting of a free day of skating, equipment for students who need it, transportation to and from the arena, a delicious pizza lunch, and the chance to interact with the Soo Greyhounds lovable mascot, Dash.

Dash is always a big hit, and with the Soo Greyhounds big playoff game coming up tonight, the students were excited to cheer out ‘GO HOUNDS GO’ alongside Dash in support of our boys.

Kiwedin Public School had their ice time on December 12th, and St. Francis enjoyed theirs today.

According to Rose Gioia, Corporate and Community Events Coordinator for Community First, 184 students attended the first part of the event in the morning, and 110 attended the second half in the afternoon.

This gave students who may have never skated before because they don’t have the equipment or have never had the opportunity to try their hand at this popular winter sport.

It was also a chance for students to let loose and have some fun with their classmates, all while getting in a good dose of physical activity!

For more information on Community First’s Motivate2Skate program, click here.