Stormwater fees may come by next year


City council tonight passed a resolution to receive a report from the Land Development and Environmental Engineer from AECOM concerning stormwater studying for the Sault. And if the findings are passed in the fall, by next year all taxpayers that own property will have to fork over some more cash every month.

The City is responsible for ensuring a sustainable funding mechanism for construction, operation, and maintenance for stormwater infrastructure. These assets include infrastructure such as storm sewers, catch basins, pump stations, aqueducts, channels, ditches, stormwater management facilities, culverts, outfalls, and snow disposal sites.

The asset management plan completed in 2015 identified a funding deficit for stormwater infrastructure. This deficit is in addition to funding requirements for operations and ongoing maintenance. The annual amount on the levy is insufficient to meet the existing and future requirements.

As a result, the City is completing a financing study in order to explore options for a sustainable stormwater funding mechanism.

On September 25, 2017 Council approved AECOM as the Consultant for purposes of completing the study. The associated Engineering Agreement was approved at the October 10, 2017 Council Meeting.

The 2015 Asset Management Plan shows between a $1.5 to $6.6 million annual funding gap for Stormwater.

Typical range in Ontario is $4-15 per month for average homeowner.


  1. Sault Ste Marie is a bleed you dry city. Take Take Take our hospital rely’s on volunteers to run and new rentals being built every year … where are these jobs to pay for all this?

  2. Really feed up with city hall. All a scam and all the over inflated heads running around thinking they now everything and just trying to make us all pay. This is one reason why the population is shrinking and people keeping moving away!!!

    Moving out of this city keeps looking better and better year by year!!!!

  3. I thought this was primarily a U.S. scam… they build the storms sewers when they build or upgrade the roads… they don’t treat the storm water so they are pretty much charging you for it raining. Quite the racket. What if your property is adjacent to a body of water then you have no storm runoff system use.

  4. The city must think we are ### damn banks…. What in the hell are you thinking, want people to leave town, go ahead, charge us right out the ###. We can barely afford to live as it is. My renovations just got put on hold, gonna finish things up, sell and get the #### out of here.


  5. WELL…..that is going to be responded to by taxpayers in the upcoming election. Is there no end to rising costs and a lack of spending control by this council?

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