Trucking and texting on highway 17 leads to charge



(MUNICIPALITY OF HURON SHORES, ON)- On March 13, 2018, shortly after 11:00 a.m., members from the East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a traffic complaint where a tractor trailer was all over the road crossing the yellow line on Highway 17 in the Municipality of Huron Shores west of Thessalon.

A short time later police observed the tractor trailer with the driver looking down at his lap while driving and the tractor trailer tires were over the yellow line. A traffic stop was initiated on Highway 17 near Melwel Road. The officer advised the driver the reason for the stop.

The driver denied using his cell phone while driving. The officer then asked if he could have a look at his cell phone and reviewed numerous text messages minutes before the traffic stop.

As a result of the investigation, Mark JOHNSTON, 38 years of age from Spanish, Ontario was issued a provincial offence notice and charged with:

Drive Motor Vehicle on Highway While Using Hand-Held Wireless Communication Device, contrary to section 78.1(1) of the Highway Traffic Act.



  1. you dont have to give the officer your phone, but the driver can be made to put his phone visable to the officer and not be allowed to touch it if its evidence. for the one who suggested he should of deleted his messages..thats a dumb move. why? so the guilty can be proven not guilty of his crime? If the phone is sent away for examination, everything done on that phone from beginning of time shows up.

  2. Dumb dumb, not only for texting while driving but for not deleting all the text messages before the cop ever got to the cab of the truck to check him and his phone out. It only takes a few seconds to delete them all! Betcha he won’t text and drive any more, then again maybe he will out of spite!!

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